Monday, July 05, 2010


Memory verse: these things have i written upon you that believe on the name of God :that ye have eternal life (1 john 5:13) 
TEXT;Ephesians 2:1-8,1 John 3:1-10,Roman 8:10-17
The moment you genuinely repent of your sins and accept Jesus christ as your saviour ,you begin a new life.Three things happen to you when you make this important decision.Firstly,you are quickened or made alive;secondly,you are raise up together with christ ;thirdly,you are made to sit with  in the heavenly places.All these happen by faith.

One of the tricks of the devil is to make believers especially young converts,doubt their salvation .If any doubt arises in your heart as to whether you are saved,you will have to decide to choose between standing on the promises of God or yielding to doubt.There is nowhere in the Bible where we told that we  are not saved unless our emotions feel so.Salvation is by faith and not by feeling .How do we know that we have eternal life? we can know that we have eternal life on the basis of the word of God.The christian life is a life faith. It cannot be lived according to our feelings.Feelings come and go but God 's word stands for ever.Do not depend on you feelings or emotions for assurance of salvation.Get assurance from your spirit and by standing on the unfailing word of God. Indestructible Book - How The Bible Began (Vol 1),

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