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Bible School and Academics
Bible school curricula will cover about 75 percent or more of the books of the bible. At many schools, emphasis is more on personal discovery, becoming a good disciple, and creating a personal relationship with the Lord, instead of academic achievement. If Christ is working in your heart, how can that be graded?

Students in Bible School discover so much in class that, pretty soon, they realize: how can they remember it all? Journal assignments help students to work through what they are learning, reflect on it, and provide a valuable reminder of what they have learned.

Journals are basically two to four page summaries of the most important principles taught in any Bible School class. Once completed, the journals are reviewed by staff members...but since God stresses relationships over religious achievement, these journals are not graded. The student gains valuable encouragement in growing their relationship with Christ. Emphasis is on personal discipleship and the practical application of this growth.

Study Projects
Anyone can sit in a class and listen to a wise or learned teacher...now what about teaching others! Study projects allow Bible School students to do that. Each student in the Study project will receive training personally from a senior student or staff member in how to study the Bible in a proper way. That means finding out how to hear God's instructions in His words...and then how to teach others. Once completed, the project is presented in a Bible Study group, hosted by a staff member, and reviewed by about a dozen classmates. The humility of the student is most important for God's revelation through the student...you just need to be humble enough to listen to Him. Again, in these assignments, academic abilities are secondary!

Bible School Seminars
Seminar discussions are a great way for students to process the truth about Christ. A staff member will host the seminar group, and a senior student and a dozen others will attend. The discussion is based on a Gospel, and each person is allowed to ask questions that come up out of the text. In this workshop, we seek a deeper understanding of the Lord Jesus so that each student can grow in their own personal relationship with Him. Mere knowledge is not the primary goal here.

Field Trips
Bible school creates many memories, and none are stronger than a first hand experience and a travel excursion related to the school curriculum. Once example is attendance at Missions Festivals. Missions Festivals such as MissionsFest draw hundreds of mission organizations from around the world, as well as tens and tens of thousands of participants who congregate at the conference for a full weekend. Bible School students often serve behind the scenes at such conferences, and they also take the time to talk to the missionaries and learn better how they can become involved in missions.

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Capernwray Harbour leads bible study programs on Thetis Island, in British Columbia, Canada. Capernwray trains people for full time Christian service through teaching and preaching, locally and abroad, 'regardless of occupation'.


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