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Above all, the most difficult thing for Christian singles is to find someone with similar beliefs and who respects your choices under the Lord. There is a lot of dating advice out there for nonbelievers, but not much Christian advice for dating. You must keep in mind that you are not dating for entertainment, you are looking for someone to commit yourself to who also follows the beliefs of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The topic that comes up the most in Christian advice for dating or questions about dating from Christians is the topic of premarital sex, which is one of the most dire sins you can commit. Avoiding such a sin is not easy, but if you safeguard yourself and avoid being alone for extended periods of time you should be safe. If things get tough in that area, politely remind your date that you are firm in your beliefs and will not budge. Someone who is not a believer and tries to pressure you into sexual relations is not worth your time -- A little bit of "entertainment" is not a good enough reason to commit such a sin, nothing is worth committing premarital relations if you consider the ramifications.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, onto more light topics.

When going on a date with someone for the first time, try to find a scope of their faith. Don't ask them excessive amounts of questions about it and don't chastise them for not being a Christian if they're not one, a date is not the setting to convert people to our Lord and Savior. Set boundaries for the person and if they accept them with open arms, Christian or not, the date will go very well. Several sources for Christian dating advice advise not dating someone who is not a Christian, but you may be able to convert them later on so they are a believer in Jesus Christ. Do not discriminate against someone if they are not of your own faith, everyone is equal in God's eyes. But do not allow sinful behavior either.

Be polite with your dates, even if they are not as polite. Being courteous is always welcome when dating and will make your date feel comfortable with you. Remember, you are looking for a spouse, not a "fling". In order to find the person that is right for you, you must behave in a civil manner and woo them as much as possible, within means.

Dating as a Christian is hard, especially for teenagers. Going into any date, hold your beliefs to your heart and your head high. That is the key to Christian dating and Christian advice for dating. Your faith comes first, and the future comes second.

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