Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Christian faith has been the cornerstone for many believers' lives for more than 2,000 years. In the days of the Roman Empire, and even later in the lives of Joan of Arc and John Hus, people have been willing to die for what they believe. Through all of the religion's ups and downs, it has endured, not because of mighty armies or secular rule, but because of the belief that this world is not the final reward. However, Christians believe they can make the earth a better place by living lives with their eternal reward in mind. Defining faith is a tad more complicated than simple belief.

Belief is knowing something to be true. The word of God admits that even demons are capable of this. God's people, as Christians strive to be known, requires a deeper commitment. Unlike belief, faith goes one step further and instills hope in the person who has it. Hope for a better life, a world of possibilities, an end to suffering, a discovery of world peace, a chance to see those loved ones who've gone before us, and a chance to escape the evils of this world. Quite simply, without faith, there is no hope.

But in order for Christian faith to be functional, it must go beyond even hope. It must become trust. Trust that God will do what He says, that He will work through you to fulfill His purpose, that He will enact a positive and lasting change for those who put their faith in Him and are called according to His ways. Hope is passive; trust is active. With trust, you can control the attitudes and the temptations that too often plague your life. You can overcome the walls of adversity that stand in your way every day. You can truly be called a child of God, because like a good father, He is always there watching over you, and you have the ability to either place things in His hands or struggle desperately against the tides.

Belief, hope, and trust, are all necessary components to have Christian faith, and they show themselves through the relationship you have with Jesus Christ. Many non-believers will admit that Christ was a great man. 2,000 years after his crucifixion, he remains the most influential character in world history. How could he not have been great? But not as many believe that Christ died for the world and rose from the grave three days later to abolish the hold sin had over the world. It takes that belief, that hope, and that trust, to walk in the Christian faith. Essentially, all you have to "do" is let go, and let God's grace do the rest.

Jesus Christ has been a savior to billions for more than 2,000 years. If you believe that Faith in Him can move mountains, visit our site today!

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