Tuesday, October 05, 2010


It is almost impossible to envisage what this means given the world we live in today. The harsh realities of the different circumstances that we find ourselves in turn to define the level of faith we have within us. Not only do they shape the person we become but they also direct us to an understanding of what we should feel we are capable of. The truth remains that we have an option of walking by what we see or believing that we are capable of more. Below are five simple steps that teach us how to walk by faith and not by sight.

1. Temporal and Permanent things
It is important before proceeding on this journey to know what is considered as temporal and permanent. Temporal things come and go in our lives, temporal things wither and die. Permanent things last forever despite whatever circumstance may arise. In this step we should not be deceived by our world when it flashes us things that won't last. We should not be deceived by our world when it pretends to come to our aid when there is a prize to pay for it. It is important to note here that in these circumstances we may think we are winning but eventually lose as we cannot meet up to payments and expectations. Permanent things are harder to achieve but last forever. They are surrounded by peace of mind and without the worry of loss. If we walk by faith rather than sight then in this step we should know that things of the spirit are permanent. The true aid, support and direction comes from God and only by him do we know that there is no debt to pay. His goodness works in our interest to come to him.

2. Sacrifices
In this step it is important to be willing to endure, have patience and the correct temperament to see the journey to the end. Sacrifice does not mean giving up those things that we do not care to lose. We give up everything for what we believe in and receive in abundance. Sacrifice also comes with the knowledge that God would not let us face anything beyond our capabilities. We walk by faith and not by sight here knowing that those who have gone before us endured to the end and have a place reserved for them in heaven. Sacrifice makes us believe that as we have worked hard so shall we reap great rewards. If we know what is permanent in step one above, then we should be willing to sacrifice for it.

3. Ask and Receive
There are two critical aspects of asking from God. The first is making sure that we ask and the second is believing that we shall receive what we asked for. No one sees a beggar in the street and asks him for money. We know deep down within us that he hasn't any to spare. On the other hand we would see a rich man and ask a favor because we know he has the capabilities to help us. What God desires of us is to recognize that he can make the impossible possible. He desires that we see him above anything we can comprehend and in turn we shall receive what we desire. If we know and believe that this is the case then when we ask we would believe that we would receive and in turn God would answer our prayers.

4. Tools of the trade
So far we know that we desire the permanent things, we know they require sacrifice and we also know that we have to ask to receive. What follows next is how do we go about receiving what we have asked for. These are the tools of the trade. In this step we come to understand that God can direct us to anyone and any place to seek what we desire. We also learn that God would provide us with whoever and whatever we need to accomplish our hearts desires. The tools of the trade can be people, our intelligence, machines or anything that is available to us to fulfill the dream that we desire. Knowing that these are out there for us to seek help from allows us to know that God works with us in achieving our hearts desire.

5. Miracles of God
The final step in this journey is to fully comprehend that with God anything is possible. In scripture David did not defeat Goliath because he mastered the art of stone throwing. David defeated Goliath because he believed in miracles. God had shown him examples of this when he fought the lions. This was enough evidence for him to believe that he was capable of defeating Goliath. This story applies to many of the prophets and does apply to us when we walk by faith and not sight. We should know that if God is more powerful than anything or any one we know of then he is capable of making the impossible possible.

I am the author of the novels Divinity Dawns and Eli. My most recent book Eli is a spiritual novel that serves as an invaluable guide for anyone conflicted in spirit. It is the second installment of a trilogy that takes the reader deep into the mind and heart of a devout Christian struggling to reconcile his faith with the often hostile reality that surrounds him. Three words that describe Eli are introspective, philosophical and epic.
My hope on completion of Eli was that it offers its readers a greater sense of spiritual awareness in their surroundings.

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