Thursday, November 29, 2012

Do You Need a Marriage Miracle?

Are you looking for a miracle in your marriage? If so, you are not alone. Seven out of ten couples need some form of professional help, at some point in their marriage. Sadly, most of us never reach out and get the help we need for four reasons: 1. We feel our situation is hopeless. When you have gone for years either fighting constantly, or maybe even suffering in silence, it is easy to become so discouraged that you feel there is no help for you, but what you need to understand is that with God there are no hopeless circumstances. You just need some professional guidance and a plan. 2. We feel that being a Christian somehow exempts us from marital problems. Christians are human too. Having marital problems is not a sign of weakness, or lack of faith. I tell people that if they had a broken bone they would get the help they need, so why not for a broken marriage. Being a Christian does not mean that we do not have problems. IT just means that God walks with us through them. 3. We are too embarrassed to get the help we need. I know from experience how frustrating this can be. When my husband and I were having problems, the last thing I wanted to do was be seen going into a counselor's office. I felt bad enough without having to worry that someone was going to find out. The good news is that thanks to eBooks', and online programs we don't have to go any farther than our own living room, so that should not a problem any longer. There are a lot of wonderful resources out there; however, you must be very careful when choosing a program, because, everyone who claims to go by Christian principles, and line up with the Word of God does not always do so. 4. Counseling is too expensive. This can be a real problem especially with the economy in the shape that it is in, and the fact that one counseling session can cost Upwards of $150.00. This again is another good reason to find a good program online that fits your needs. Most all online programs will be under $100.00, plus you will have the convenience, and privacy of your on home, and can read or watch them when you want to. It is a true but staggering fact that divorce among Christians has now surpassed their non-Christian counterparts, and has become epidemic. But now that you have all the information you need to move forward, don't let another day go by without getting the help your marriage needs. You deserve to have the strong and loving marriage that God intended. Remember, you cannot continue to do the same thing year after year and expect a different outcome. Let this be the best year your marriage has ever seen! Rebecca Holland has been a Christian for over 18 years. She and her husband Charlie have seen their marriage go from hopeless to happiness thanks to a wonderful program they found. For more information on the marriage program they recommend "How to save your Christian marriage even if only you and God want it" go to and click on Relationship helps. You will be glad you did.

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