Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Foundations of The Christian Faith - Repentance

The foundation teachings of the Christian Faith are vital to a believer's growth and development. Indeed, it is important to note that the core of the Christian message and the teachings of the Bible rest upon these truths. The foundation of anything is its strength and value. When a foundation is weak then a building is in danger of being condemned or destroyed by any disaster of nature. Likewise, when the Christian Church departs from its foundational teachings and venture into other forms of messages without these vital truths being at its core, then Christianity will lose its difference from the other religions of the world and lies in peril of becoming powerless in its impact and effect upon humanity. The first foundational Principle of the Christian Faith is the Doctrine of Repentance from Dead Works. It is spoken of in the Book of Hebrews, chapter six, verses one and two in the Holy Bible. This is the first of the principles because if there is no true repentance before God, then all of the other doctrines cannot be experienced to any real depth. Repentance means, according to Webster's Dictionary; An entire reversal of one's thoughts. It also means: An entire reversal of one's actions. In other words, to repent means to turn around and go another way both in thought and behavior. It denotes a turning around 180 degrees and going in an entirely different direction. This is what the Bible teaches that we should do if we desire to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and His ways. We must make a decision to turn around from a life of sin with a determination that we will live as God wants us to live. His path of life for us is indeed filled with life, blessings, joy, peace, contentment, abundance, health and healing, love, faith and all good things. But we cannot enjoy all that God has for us, unless we turn around and decide to live for His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. So in reality Christianity rest upon a decision. It is choosing to live for Christ, rather than live for self. It is in essence saying to the Lord, I cannot really live this life on my own. I do not want to waste my time attempting to do my own thing which mostly results in destruction, misery and death. I need to find freedom from my addictions, lusts, hate, and all of the other evil things which consume my mind and attention. These things are hurting me. They are killing me. The pleasure I get from the things I do, cannot satisfy my inward longing to do better and be better. I realize that I cannot be the real me, as you made me to be, without You in my life. I want more for my life, and Jesus I believe that You have more for my life. You are the Way, the Truth and the Life. So, I turn from my way. I turn to You. I want to live for You. This is actually the first level of repentance. This doctrine goes into much more depth. Even after a person decides to turn around and give his or her life to Christ, there are other levels of repentance to encounter and embrace. Of these, we may speak further in another article and at another time. When we decide to change, it is the first step in receiving what God has for us. Repentance is the first of the Foundational Doctrines of the Christian Faith. Each of the six foundational teachings of Christianity never change. They are settled. They are changeless and priceless. They cannot be removed for they are the foundations upon which all of the other teachings of Christianity are based Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5814466

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