Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lets Talk About Jesus and His Life and Death Upon This Earth

Who was Jesus? What was his purpose here on earth? One thing is for sure. Jesus short ministry on earth affected more people than any other person in history. And this happened in two short years. What could have happened if Jesus ministry would have lasted for five years or maybe even ten years? Jesus was a teacher and a prophet ( among other things ). But what did he teach? Jesus taught about life and how to live it. Jesus also taught about man finding God and heaven. This was Gods mercy. A way ( Jesus ) for man to find Gods light. Jesus said that man did not understand God. He said a man must have a better understanding of God. He said we have to change our way of thinking and living. He said that a man must be reborn in order to see God. What does that mean? I think he made it quite clear when he said you will know that you have passed from death unto life for you will love your brother. Has this happened? No I do not think so. Does man know who is brother is? No I do not think so. When Jesus looks upon this earth and sees war and hatred brother still killing brother he becomes quite saddened. Jesus life was cut short. Man had killed their salvation.The crowd chose a murderer to be saved rather than Jesus. Who do you blame for Jesus tragic death? Man says that he is saved because Jesus died for them. The truth is that man killed him. Man must put forth the effort to do the right thing and not say that he is saved because Jesus died for us. Mankind must study what little we do know of Jesus and try to understand his words. Man must not add anything nor omit anything from his teachings. He spoke of ALL men as being equal in Gods eye. Jesus said what you do to the lowest of you brothers you do it also unto me. Much blood has been shed in his name. Blood still flows today. Brother still killing brother. Do you think that all this makes him proud? Do you think that Jesus feels that his efforts to bring mankind together were successful? No I do not think so. We say we want to follow Jesus and be like him. Jesus forgave the very men that were pounding nails into his flesh and bone. He said that we ( mankind ) do not know what we are doing. He asked God to forgive them. And that was the end of his physical ministry. Jesus was gone. Did he reach his full potential? Do you think that he was successful? He tried to bring peace and love to all mankind. If you think that he was successful in bringing peace and love to all mankind you must be living on another planet than me. I see brother killing brother with out a real cause. Revenge hatred and pride is the root of all this killing. Much of it is done in the name of religion. One religion fighting and killing against another religion because their views are different from each other. Much of it is done in the name of Jesus and God. I honestly feel we missed Jesus point. Who is willing to turn the other cheek when they literally get slapped in the face? Well maybe a few but I do not know them. Jesus said that the human body was not as important as being faithful to God. Jesus said If your right arm is an occasion for sin cut it off. Jesus meant this literally. He was saying that you would be better off with only one arm rather than to offend God. What actually happened is not as important as Jesus message to mankind. It was a message of peace and love. all men uniting as one under one God. I am telling you that God will become known to man when man can see the light of God in himself and in his brother. We are all children of God. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6258119

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