Monday, May 04, 2015

Beliefs of Christianity

Beliefs of Christianity are often diverse and many people have so many conceptions it's hard to actually find out, what are the Major Beliefs of Christianity? Well my article tends to answer this very question. All churches in Christianity have a set number of beliefs they all agree on. The first of these beliefs is the existence of the Creator God. God is love. God is good. God is the creator of all the galaxies and all the universe. God is merciful but God is just and God is the judge of all mankind, he will hold you accountable for every action and thought you made during your life! The second of these beliefs is the belief that God is one. In the Christian Church, God is specifically one being and three persons (Father, Son And Holy Spirit) The next most important belief is the concept of Jesus. Jesus is the God who became a man without ceasing to be God. This means Jesus had two very different natures. On the one hand he was the Creator of the universe, sustainer, awesome mysterious Creator, but on the other hand God in his humility came down to planet earth taking on all the limitations of a man. The next interesting Belief of Christianity is that Jesus died for humanity. Jesus was absolutely killed on the cross, he was dead. He was put in a tomb where his body was dead for three days and nights. Jesus was resurrected on the third day. Jesus body reassembled and Jesus now had a new incorruptible body. But why did Jesus have to die? Well the next major belief of Christianity is the fall of mankind, namely due to this dude named Adam. Adam and Eve are the first creations of God who fell before God by being deceived by a talking snake which both using their own free will, freely choose to disobey God and hence God punished them and sent them flying out of the garden. But the plan doesn't stop there! God had already set a plan in motion to redeem Adam and Even and their descendants. The plan was the second person of God (God the son, Jesus Christ), would sent into the world to redeem mankind through dying on a roman tree! Jesus was brutally beaten up and tortured, but this was a necessary offering because God requires blood you see? God requires blood for forgiveness of sins. The life of the flesh is in the blood according to the Bible in Leviticus. Well these are some of the Major Beliefs of Christianity. If you want to know more about Major Beliefs of Christianity, there is A LOT LOT more beliefs to read about. Some are funny, some are real, some are cool. Jesus is awesome. Take a look at Beliefs of Christianity [

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