Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Blessed Are the Meek - Matthew 5:5

Once again a scripture that is not understood by many people and one that could do with some of my words. Have you ever wondered who the meek are and whether you are going to inherit the Earth? Read on. Matthew 5:5 in the New King James Version of the Bible reads, 5 Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth. I read a joke book once that was a compilation of jokes that were written on public toilet doors. It read, "The meek shall inherit the earth, but they're going to have to fight for it!" That is a typical understanding of what meek is. Most people think a person that is meek is very gentle and soft and certainly not violent. Yet the reverse is true, the meek are people who have a lot of power but are under submission. A fine stallion that performs tricks for his master through lots of training can be called a meek horse. Meekness isn't just something that appears in your life. Meekness is not a sense of being a coward as many people think. To be meek is to be very, very humble. The Bible records that Moses was one of the meekest men that have ever walked the earth. The Egyptian empire was brought to its knees and millions of Jews were taken out of slavery by a meek man. The two witnesses that are due to come and judge the world with as many plagues as they wish would have to be very meek people. To have the power to strike the Earth as much as they personally want to is something that you would not want in the hands of normal people. There is a great misteaching in the world propagated by people that teach on the Book of Revelation that all the saints are going to return to Earth one day and rule the world. Yet this verse says that only the meek shall inherit the Earth. There are not many people that are really humble enough for God to fully use in their lifetimes. This world teaches us to take control of our own life and make decisions based on facts that are real. Moses through meekness could never have saved the Jews with that state of mind. What he did through his humility to obey God was supposedly impossible and scientists today still argue that it did not happen. Walking by faith is walking in the unseen. Knowing how to do each step and doing it one after another is not the life of faith. Living by faith is relying on God for not only the step but how to do each step. A person without a lot of the flesh and worldly sort of living in them can be humble (meek) enough to be guided by the good shepherd. Ruling the Earth will be an amazing privilege for the meek. What better leaders to have over you than people through a whole lifetime of practice have proven that they only do what the Father says to do through the Holy Spirit? Wouldn't we have a wonderful world to live in, if all the leaders of business and government were obeying the laws of love set down in the Bible? Oh, what a glorious life it will be for those people who make it to that role, that the Lord will raise up to lead this world in the future. Are you meek yet? Article Source:

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