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Errors in the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The New Testament posits that Jesus Christ died on a Friday at around 3pm after being crucified at noon. It also claims he resurrected three days later on the Sunday following that event. Between Friday and Sunday only 2 days have passed and if one looks at the hour of death and compares it to the time of dawn of the day of his resurrection it is even less than that. In fact some 38 hours in all and not even the 48 hours those 2 days would require. This is not the only error in the story. This takes us back to the origin of the story which is in Babylon where god-men were frequently sacrificed at dawn to resurrect with the sun as it rose above the horizon. In later times this ritual was performed at equinox when the sun's return at spring was heralded. It was 'marked' with a 'march' to the peak where the sun-star would appear as the rays passed through an aperture held towards the rising sun. This was shown to me in a vision whereby a group collected on the top of the mountain and stared towards a perforated stone that was held aloft for this reason. As the rays appeared they formed into the magnificent circles of perpetually moving rainbow colours. Central to it was the right-angled cross. This can be repeated as many time as one likes and it was. Signs were marked on rocks leading to the site where the star would appear and they remain today. In time cities built around them and Jerusalem is one such metropolis. Here god-men would be sacrificed at the same time as the star appeared. 'Mark' is a term for 'cross' and as 'ma-r-k' it means 'mother's powerful cross. To make one's mark is to form a cross which people did before writing was taught. The peak time for such a ritual was equinox when the length of day equals night. This was considered a magical time and it was expected that god-man would resurrect three days later. This was an idea developed from observations of the sun at solstice. It takes the sun three days to virtually stop in its cycle and begin its return. 'Equine' is from 'I-q-I-n' which means 'eye's cross-eye of victory' and it is another name for the star. Linguistically the letters [q], [t], [k], [ch], and such all relate to the cross. They are stops formed when the air is cut short during their formation, similar to a click. The [o-x] references the 'bull god-man' who died and resurrected with her as her 'ma-t', that means 'mother's cross' and is the origin of 'mate'. The cross was symbolised by the term 'horse' in ancient cultures. It originates from 'or-s' which means 'sun-light' as 'o-r' is 'circle of power' and an old term for 'sun' and [s] is an ancient symbol for 'light' or 'spirit'. It was also called 'ma-g-I' which means 'mother-god's-eye' and the origin of 'majesty' and 'magic'. Following my reincarnation and link to the Spirit many things were asked of me. My first commission came when the power pinned me to the bed so I could not move a muscle. I heard "tear down the wall of churches, go out to the people and bring back the young." It showed me the mountain of teaching with a figure like Jesus Christ preaching to a multitude. Next I had replaced him and in the third vision my face on a screen like that of a computer. That happened in 1984, a long time before the Internet came into being. Following the first commission there came a second when a man on a cross stood in front of me. Inside I heard "take me off the cross." God has never been on a cross and it has no sexual identity. It had to become that image to reach those who are searching for truth and for their links to the power to be reconnected. It is the Great Creative Spirit of the Universe that is as big as all of space. Yet man has made it into the devil by denying the power and claiming that people who speak directly with God are false prophets and 'of the devil.' The one responsible for that state of affairs is Constantine, the Roman Emperor, who established the Catholic Church in 325 AD. He established Mary as the Mother of God and he invented Jesus Christ, which he based on Krishna, the third person of the Vedic Trinity. It confirms that in Revelation 13:13-18. Introducing the idea of a Trinity God to those who had only ever worshiped the sun as the chief of all gods was tricky. So he was obliged to adhere to the things most accepted by the majority. The first of these was the ritual of crucifixion of the scape-goat at equinox. To camouflage the roots of his new order he altered the date of the event to the first full moon after it. He also nominated Friday as that of the execution. It was the day dedicated to the 'Fish' god of Babylon, Dagon. 'Fish' equates with 'Vish' and 'vich' and it relates to Vishnu, the Indian three-headed god. He also needed for the resurrection to occur on Sunday, the day of the dies solis, or 'festival of the sun' which was loved by the Romans. To make it on Monday was out of the question as this was the day of the festival to the moon. He decreed, therefore that Sunday would be the new Sabbath. That's why the three days between the death and resurrection of Christ comprises only 38 hours. His next error was to alter the time of 'noon' from dawn to midday. 'No-on' means 'no strength' and at dawn the sun has no strength. Midday, however, is when the sun is high in the sky and hot with plenty of energy. To overcome any objections Constantine followed the ancient religion as close as possible. He ensured that instead of a god-man dying every equinox and in all the regions around the Empire his nominated Saviour literally spared their lives. It also brought extreme darkness to the world in the form of wars, disease, false gods, discrimination, and a heap of other troubles while it hid the real God from view. "We grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if we had no eyes: we stumble at noonday as in the night; we are in desolate places as dead men." Isaiah 59:10 Article Source:

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