Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy Are the Meek for They Shall Inherit the Earth

Jesus taught so many beatitudes most of which were more or less straight forward...except some like this one: Happy are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. Somebody get me a whip! The first time I read, I thought the bible writer had an oversight for he should have said something to the effect: happy are the meek for they shall inherit the kingdom of heaven. The Bible however is inspired and no word should be added or omitted. That said, let us try to understand what Jesus actually meant. Who is a meek person? From my trusted pocket size Collins dictionary, meek means humble; peaceful and non violent. If that be the case, my natural assumption was that a meek person should be given a straight ticket to heaven. Not so fast! Jesus doesn't always give us an explanation for his teachings. This is what He meant: the kingdom of God calls for a brave heart; the battle for the heavenly throne is not a FLESH battle but a spiritual one; therefore, anyone who meekly portrays a non violent affront to spiritual matters will suitably find solace in his abode - earth. Why? This is because the greatest battles that shall be fought on this earth will be to proclaim the kingdom of Heaven. If your battles are only limited to your earthly life, your humbleness will serve you; you will not be at cross roads with the various religions that will be fighting against each other. The Bible tells us in the end of days, nations will rise against nations and religions against religions. So, does that make 'meekness' necessarily a bad thing. From my view point and I stand to be corrected, none of us can afford to be fence sitters in the matters of the heavenly kingdom. When Jesus ascended to heaven after accomplishing His mission on earth, He said he was going to prepare a place for us; heaven is our ultimate destination. However, He emphasized on us keeping peace with our brothers before the kingdom of God comes. I think this is where meek people come into the picture. They co-exist with their fellow men. To me, meekness is merely a transitional phase; a threshold to heavenly glory. Being as it is, we should look at the bigger picture which is going to heaven. Jesus was not wrong in stating that, only that it was an allegory for what we ought to be as we ready ourselves for heaven's glory. If you enjoyed my article you may enjoy reading my teaching on the parables of Jesus. The can be found in the book "The parables of Jesus made simple" on Amazon or read for free at If you are in need of a word of encouragement off God you can request a personal prophecy video for any donation to my ministry at

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