Thursday, May 07, 2015

Spiritual Gift Test - Discover Your Spiritual Gift

A spiritual gift test is commonly used to assess what particular gift a person may have. It is important first to know what a spiritual gift is. The term spiritual gift is used in the Bible by the apostle Paul. Paul states in 1 Corinthians 12 that the gifts of the spirit are the ability to give wise advice, special knowledge, great faith, healing, miracles, and prophesy. Paul follows that the one ultimate spirit is the giver of all gifts of the spirit. It is God that is the giver all good things. Before you discover your spiritual gift it is important to know why you want to know what gift you have. It is a question that gets to the motive of why we need this thing, what is the real desire. Unfortunately in Paul's time the followers of Christ became lovers of spiritual gifts. Paul noticed that the need was motivated more by ego than by service. A spiritual gift test can be more for your ego than for service. God is not giving things to boost your ego or for you to show yourself more spiritual than others. One should never see a gift as something earned by their service to God. God gives to each what he gives for his purpose. It is important to figure out if our wanting is from a position of ego. How do you figure out if a spiritual gift test is from pure selfish motive, the easiest way is first to ask your self how important it is for you to have a spiritual gift? If your objective is anything other than serving others then it is a wrong motive. Paul was very unhappy with the Christians at Corinth due to the fact that they were getting preoccupied with these things, it was more from an ego stand point than from a point of service. It is very enticing to tell others that we have a gift of healing or wisdom. We can be made to feel important due to these gifts. Pride and ego is a powerful disease that can affect the most spiritual person. The enemy was cast from heaven due to pride. Lord Jesus told the apostles not to be happy that they had exorcised demons but rather be happy that God had their names written down in heaven. The very wanting should bring you to a point of prayer and asking God to remove any ego from you in regards to what you are seeking. 1 Corinthians 12:7 states that spiritual gifts are for service to others only. This is extremely important; gifts have nothing to do with us. How many of us speak of wanting a spiritual gift so we can help someone. God knows the hearts and he knows your reasons for needing or wanting. Search you heart and ask yourself how much is ego or how much is to be a servant. A spiritual life coach will help you to follow spirit as you find your spirit gift continue here to the spiritual gifts writer

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