Monday, May 18, 2015

The Fruit of the Spirit - Kindness

There is a difference between kindness and goodness. Anyone can be kind but it does not necessarily make him or her from within a good Person. The Holy Spirit is kind inwardly and outwardly. The Holy Spirit leads Christian; He lives inside of us so His fruits are within us as well. God gives us opportunities to display the fruit of the Spirit. We are in the World but are not of this World. The word of God said that we are a peculiar People, a royal Priesthood, and a Holy Nation therefore it is not usual for us to show kindness when others avoid it. It is part of our indwelling nature. One definition of kindness is moral excellence. A kind Person has a morally excellent Spirit. He considers what to say before he says it; he is a peace maker, generous to others and helpful. When we yield our will to the will of the Holy Spirit things will changes for us. Whereas before we may have stride to show kindness but when we allow the Holy Spirit too freely move within us, His fruits comes naturally for us so it becomes easy for us to walk in them. All the fruit of the Holy Spirit is for our benefit so when we walk in them God blesses us. The word of God says that He daily loads us with His benefits. It would behoove us to daily walk in them to receive blessings. The word of God also said that we will reap what we sow. if we show kindness it will be shown back to us. If more People would be kind to one another the World would be a much better place to live. It is not a hard thing to do; we could just start by respecting others. If we would simply do that then we would bee a noticeable change. Kindness not only helps others, it also open the door for us to be blessed and it also make us feel good. It is a good feeling knowing that we have helped someone else and showing a little kindness can actually make our day. Article Source:

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