Sunday, August 09, 2015

Faith, Salvation, Born Again, and Judgment Simplified

The Word of God stands true and solid, with His messages of faith, receiving salvation, being born again and ultimately judged consistent and clear. Salvation comes to a Christian through faith, and faith is given by the LORD GOD. A Christian must have faith that the blood of Jesus Christ was shed for the redemption of the Christian's sins. There is nothing a person can do to save himself from sin. It is only through faith in Jesus Christ, and his crucifixion and resurrection, that a person can receive salvation. When a person receives the promise of salvation, he receives the promise that he will be forgiven of all sin, be judged innocent, and saved from the judgment of eternal damnation. Faith is the condition of believing. Christians cannot receive salvation from judgment of eternal damnation until they face Jesus Christ on His Judgment throne. Christians believe in God's promise that they will be forgiven of all sin as a result of Christ's crucifixion. A Christian must have Faith of this promise throughout his life, and even into his physical death. This faith results in the reward of salvation, through the Grace of God. To demonstrate the commitment to have faith in this promise, and the desire to stop sinning, and the will to walk with Jesus Christ with him as Master, the Christian often says the "Sinners Prayer". This prayer tells Jesus that they believe. The prayer does not save the person. Only the faith that Jesus will redeem their sins with his blood come Judgment Day will save them. But this prayer does offer a focus point for the contrite sinner, and gives them a starting point of formal commitment to faith and walk with Jesus Christ. This is important...The moment a person truly believes that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, walked on the earth, died for them, and resurrected, and as a result, they are promised salvation through the redemption of his shed blood...then they are saved and promised to receive the judgment of innocent and the reward of life eternal at the Judgment Seat of Christ. That's all it takes to be saved on Judgment Day...BELIEF! Once faith for salvation is known then the Foundation of Jesus Christ can be solidly laid. Having faith of salvation through the sacrificed blood of Jesus Christ is all that is necessary to receive the promised salvation from eternal damnation. The process of receiving salvation through this sacrificed blood is called Redemption. At the designated time on Judgment Day, all believing Christians who come to Jesus on the Judgment Throne will have their sins redeemed through his shed blood, and they will be judged innocent as a result of their faith in him. NOW...Salvation is not the ticket to Heaven. Salvation is the promise of a verdict of innocence following the redemption of blood, and avoiding the sentence of eternal damnation. Many misguided, young, and self focused Christians think that Heaven is the promised reward for salvation and a permanent place that everybody who is good gets to go to at their death. It is not. Heaven is a temporary dwelling place for the LORD GOD and His Spirits, Jesus Christ, the angels, and the saints who are righteous. Heaven is going to come to an end one day, at the moving of the LORD GOD. All of the saints in Heaven will one day populate the New Earth, along with all of the others judged favorably on Judgment Day and who receive the verdict of eternal life. Righteous means to be free of sin. Faith does not remove sin from a live body! Even though you have faith, original sin still dwells within you. There is only one way a person that is alive and walking the earth can become righteous. The original sin must leave his body. There is only one way that sin can leave the body and that is through the death of the body. The moment the body dies, sin has no hold, and dies. But here's the problem... When you die with sin still within you, then you must go to your grave. Sinful people do not get to rest in Heaven for awhile. In fact, that's why death exists to start with. Because there is sin, then death must come to man. So the dead in sin stay in their graves until they are resurrected on the Day of Rapture, just before the rapture of those living Christians which will occur before the great Judgment Day. There is a much better option laid out for Christians. The Baptism of Jesus Christ causes the body to die, and the sins to die in a faithful Christian. If a Christian goes under the baptismal waters to their grave, they die and the original sin's control is removed from them. When the Christian comes up out of the baptismal waters and in faith experiences the same resurrection that Jesus did, then they come out of the waters sin free and new. This new person, free from original sin, is called Born Again. The born again Christian is a new being, and sin free Baptized Christians have two options available to them to remain sin free, and increase their righteousness through His Will. The first one is the authority of Jesus Christ to forgive sin on earth. When a baptized Christian commits sin, he has the opportunity to confess, repent, and return to a righteous state through forgiveness of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit Baptism, a baptism accomplished through the laying on of hands by an apostle of Jesus Christ, is also given to baptized Christians. When the Holy Spirit is infused into a baptized believer, then that Christian has all of his innocent sins burned away, helping to maintain a righteous state. When the baptized and faithful Christian experiences a physical death, he is immediately taken to Heaven. This Christian will not feel the sting of death or lie in the grave for even an instant. The baptized and faithful Christian is immediately taken to Heaven, where he rests for a time in the bosom of the LORD GOD, until the rest of the LORD GOD's plans are completed. At the establishment of the new earth and the new heavens, the Christian will assume a new life along with all of the favorably judged people who stood before the throne of Jesus Christ. This New Earth life will be ruled by the Savior Jesus Christ, and will begin its existence with sin free people who love the LORD GOD, and humbled forever by the undeserved grace and salvation received as a result of His Son's Article Source:

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