Sunday, September 06, 2015

Building a Better Christian Life

The best form of Christian life and living is higher life. This kind of lifestyle positively enriches people and glorifies God Almighty. Whoever says he abide in Christ Jesus should walk in the same way in which Christ walked. You start building a better Christian life when you have learned and start to live out the Christian faith and belief in your daily existence. True Christian life is not just belonging to a church, reading devotionals, quoting Bible verses to showcase the beauty of the scriptures but living out the Christ-like life 24/7. After being in the gathering of Christian brethren, you will go out into the world where you will meet ordinary life, intermingle with humans not angels, pass through upsetting occurrences. In all these things, the best way to be an overcomer is by living the Christ-Kind of life which is a better Christian life. People always ask "what does it mean to build a better Christian life?" Building a better Christian life means living your life as Jesus Christ would live. True Christianity is simply living out the holy and righteous lifestyle of Christ and not just saying it with mouth. Every Christian should behave as Christ Jesus would if he were living out our daily life, mingling with the same people with whom we mingle, and encounter the same temptations, trials and displeasures which we encounter. We must live a life that glorifies God and bears witness to the trueness of our faith and love for Him. Those who belong to Christ crucify their sinful nature with its passions and wishes. Allow the peace of Christ to rule in your heart and let his word flourish in you richly. Whatever you do, do it in the name of Jesus Christ, giving all honor to God the father through his son Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. The Midas touch to building and living a better Christian life is to do things that please God. Watch and pray! Keep your eyes focused on eternal things. Make your journey's end your focal point, just as our Lord Jesus Christ, while going through sufferings on the cross, kept his gaze on the joy that was before him. In the same way, set your heart on the hope and joy to which Christ has called you as a Christian, the glorious inheritance and his incomparable great power will be yours. Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, admirable, excellent, lovely, praiseworthy, and Godly, dwell on such things because they will help you in building a better Christian life.

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