Friday, September 04, 2015

Christian Entrepreneurs

Christian Entrepreneurs are not blindly driven by ambition and greed, but in fact, they feel called by the Lord to perform certain tasks and achieve certain goals in their business enterprises. Christian Entrepreneurs are called to a life of serving customers through the realization of their vision. Christian entrepreneurs are more likely to see their offices and factories as extensions of their beliefs. Christian entrepreneurs are mindful of the impact their business decisions have on the spread of the Gospel. Christian entrepreneurs are given stewardship of ideas, resources, relationships, and decisions. Christian Entrepreneurs are champions and they know who it all belongs to and their responsibility. Christian businessmen have to be prepared, challenges will come, to paraphrase another scripture, you'll get the victory if you faint not. Nowhere is that impulse more evident than in the growing ranks of Christian business owners, who are banding together for mutual support while they seek to express their faith through their companies. While most Christian entrepreneurs hire and do business with Americans of all faiths, a more controversial trend is the rise of local Christian business directories, listing companies that wish to attract customers among fellow believers. If you can accept the fact your job, your business is a ministry, it will change the way you think and it will enrich your faith from just a Sunday thing to an everyday, life-changing fact. Christian Entrepreneurs realize that their calling is to establish and lead business organizations that are designed to achieve results in the secular world; but they do so while being led by the Holy Spirit. The Christian Entrepreneur of the 2000’s recognizes that the world has changed as mass customization; the Internet and globalization have taken new ideas and rapidly moved them into practice across the world.. That is to say, the flexibility that a Christian based business can bring: Freedom to attend church on Sunday, availability to help in the community when needed, a time schedule that allows for family activities, piano practice, soul winning, missionary work, and other church ministries Ministry is supposed to be accomplished by everyone in the Body of Christ. That's where our ministry is, "on the job" and "in the marketplace". Finally, christian entrepreneurs are connecting vocation ministries, and life purpose; marketplace ministries and has started another reformation. The Christian Entrepreneur gratefully receives and acknowledges material blessings which may come with successfully developing a business; however, material goals are always secondary to the primary calling and vision. "Creating a successful business is a learnable, replicable experience that anyone can go achieved? Christian entrepreneurs are mindful of the impact their business decisions have on the spread of the Gospel. Why Christian Entrepreneurs Are Growing in today's marketplace Over seventy-five percent of the U S population are Christians and the need for Christian-owned businesses for them to spend their money with is growing. []

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