Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Church Wedding in Christian Matrimony

Everyone thinks of memorable wedding, and always looks for a place that can make the wedding day unforgettable. In the Christian matrimony, churches keep a very important place, which makes the person feel divine and meaningful. With a church wedding, the wedding gets a spiritual dimension, which reflects in the mood of the attendees and the couple. The blessing of god and elders is the main thing, which the couple seek while starting a new life. A church is the place where you can make vows to your partner in front of god and elders. A church wedding is the marriage in the God's eyes, making the relationship and commitment stronger. The weddings in Christians have their roots in their religion, thus the wedding is conducted in a church in the presence of a priest and close relatives. The Christian Matrimony is considered to be a sacred union of two souls, and is believed to be blessed by Christ. The wedding date is fixed with the mutual consent of the families of the bride and groom. The wedding function is formalized after the groom puts a ring into bride's finger, which is sign of affirmation of the marriage, which the groom makes to his bride. A sacred Christian sign is made on the hand of the groom thrice, to keep away the bad omen. The bride is then given bridal showers, where the female relatives and friends gift presents to the bride and they wish a very happy and blissful married life for the bride. At the time of bridal shower in Christian matrimony, the females play games, and make the atmosphere fun filled. The bride then offers a pink cake to other girls. Similarly, a bachelor's party is arranged by the groom for his friends, which is full of enjoyment and fun. On the wedding day, the bride and groom need to fill some legal documents to avoid further complications in paperwork. The basic documents that are required at the time of church wedding in Christian matrimony are: 1. Photocopy of identity card 2. Proof of baptism 3. Birth certificate 4. Certificate of faith and state (requested at the local registry office) The applicants should bear in mind that the documents are valid for 6 months since the issuing date. The churches also conduct pre-marital courses to educate the bride and groom about the intricacies of the Christianity, and teach the couple the importance of family life. However, such workshops need permission from the pastor, and prior booking to avoid any type of chaos. On the day of the wedding the priest who is conducting the wedding gives the couple a certificate of the celebration of marriage. This certificate must be served in the civil registry of the place where they were married and the authority will give them the family book. Witnesses Godparents and witnesses play an important role in the Christian matrimony. The witnesses are the people who are not the part of the families of bride or groom, and officially confirm the alliance of the couple with their signature. Although the importance of a witness has lost importance over time, but it is indispensable at the time of church wedding. The church wedding involves a number of rituals and demand commitment from both sides. The priest chants hymns and recites reading from the Bible and asks both bride and groom separately, that if they accept each other as their life partner. After acceptance of the Christian matrimony proposal, the couple exchanges wedding rings, sign on a register as husband and wife, and leave the church holding each other's arms.

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