Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Following a Christian life requires mindful thinking and dedication to the Lord

The Christian way of living is simple and hardly involves making any complicated decisions in life. The most important principles of Christianity involve peace, love, understanding, forgiveness, compassion and faith. To be a good Christian, one must think and do good to others which is why anyone who is willing to accept the Holy Spirit and follow the Holy Scriptures can become a Christian and follow a healthy Christian life. Christianity is one of the biggest organized religions in the world and its popularity should be owed to its simple yet meaningful doctrines. Most devout Christians visit a christian church on every Sabbath day or Sunday to learn more about the holy teachings of the Lord. Besides, many people following the christian life have found their way out of alcohol or drug addiction and those left without families have found their place in many religious Christian homes. Although Christianity has been divided by religious denominations, all of the denominations are held firmly together by faith. To live a proper Christian life, one can follow these four simple steps: 1.Pray every morning thanking the Lord. It's always better you pray based on your own thoughts and not others as a prayer is a spiritual conversation between you and God. Be consciously present while praying and mean what you say to the Lord. You may thank God for the day, for your breath and for your consciousness. 2.Mindful meditation in the morning and evening will also help you spiritually. Your style of meditation need not be based on a specific style. Perform it in whichever way you feel comfortable. You could also sit down quietly somewhere for 5 minutes to an hour if you wish to and just be mindful during this time. 3.It's also very important to mindfully study the Bible at least once a day as this will teach you more about the writings in the Holy Scriptures, which in this case, is the Bible. If there are any doubts in your mind, you can ask your church pastor to clarify your doubts or visit a church in your area. While reading and studying the Bible, pay attention to how the words and truth relate to your life. 4.Communicate in a manner that is befitting of a mindful Christian because if you are mindful, you will not easily get carried away by your own reactions to what others say. A mindful Christian consciously acts as God's witness each day in every communication with other life forms.

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