Monday, October 05, 2015

8 Tips to Become Mentally, Physically and Spiritually Healthy Christians

8 Tips to Become Mentally, Physically & Spiritually Healthy Christians God has given many of us the monumental gift of faith. However, staying spiritually healthy requires some additional effort amidst the busy lives that most of us are leading. To gain a deeper understanding of God, we need to change our lifestyle choices, we need to embrace grace and put our beliefs to practice. Although prescribed spiritual practices are not set in stone, the following disciplines or habits can help you rid yourself of the spiritual emptiness, and the sickness, to become spiritually healthy and alive in Christ. 1. Prayer, silence & solitude. You can empower yourself by spending time in the presence of God, whether with or without words. Praying to commune with God is both a gift and a privilege. 2. Listen to God and write a spiritual journal. You can remind yourself that God is active in your life if you listen and pay attention to His whispers in your heart. Write down hopes, longings, prayers, questions and thoughts that will prove meaningful to you, since you are a person of faith. 3. Read and study the Bible. Meditating on the Word of God will keep you focused on Him, instead of on your problems and wants. God will speak to you through the Bible and will guide you personally. 4. Obey God's commands. You will feel more joyful if you put your faith into practice. This is among the paradoxes of faith. When you submit yourself to God, you will find yourself freed. 5. Love God and your neighbours. If you surrender yourself to God it will lead you to a life of love. If you believe that God is love, if you live and serve in Christ, then you will experience love yourself. 6. Step out in faith. Your faith will be strengthened if you trust in the guidance of God. If you want to learn that God is with you, no matter where you go, then all you need to do is dare to step out in faith. 7. Fast from something. You do not necessarily have to fast just from food. Give something up or just find space or time to pay attention to God and he will bless you beyond measure. Along with your time, you need to guard your heart from distractions too. 8. Serve others. You will find yourself on the right track if you realign your attitude away from yourself. Serve others just as Jesus did and your own experience of grace will be heightened. Conclusion Keep in mind that the above disciplines or habits are simply a means to an end of gaining a deeper understanding of God and becoming mentally, physically and spiritually healthy.

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