Tuesday, October 06, 2015

A Christian Entrepreneur Lives For More Than Money

The difference between a Christian entrepreneur and just a businessperson is that they both live for different reasons. The real reason for a Christian is to fulfill the purpose of his creator. The earthly minded businessperson lives to make tons f money and apart from that he has no hope of living eternally. Paul said that we live for earthly value we are of all people pathetic. No we live here for just a short time compared to eternity. However, the quality of life we live here determines largely what kind of role God is going to give us when we reach our heavenly home. Because of this purpose to please and live for God, the Christian entrepreneur should live differently as well. His ethics and values system is dictated neither by the greed of money nor by the demands of the world. He is guided by heavenly values. He is not just making for himself and his family, but for the whole world. The Lord can use him and his wealth for helping the poor and the needy. Christian entrepreneur becomes a channel of blessing for God to pour through and send it to who ever God wants. He is pipeline of blessing for heaven to reach others. He motive in life should be to make as much as he can to help the kingdom of God. The biggest help God wants from us is to rescue people from death and bring them into the kingdom of God. There is nothing more than soul winning souls that God requires from us. Each one of us is a soldier who is in the war against the flesh and the devil. The last commandment he left for us is to go into the entire world, preach the Gospel, and make disciples. Making disciples is not an easy task. Sometimes winning souls may be easier in some cases. It is a one-day or one occasion event. However, disciple making is not. It is a long and arduous process to teach and mold people to follow and obey Christ in their lives. Nevertheless, God is able and willing to help us and come along side to produce fruitful soul winning service to him. The fruit we bear is first in our life of obedience and then in producing fruit bearing disciples for the kingdom. Therefore, a Christian entrepreneur lives for something much more valuable and lasting than just making money and accumulating wealth. He lives for eternal values, winning souls, and disciple them to reflect he image of Christ.

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