Friday, October 02, 2015

Christian Recovery; Live for Jesus, and Never Take Another Drink

Jesus never wishes for us the pains of addiction and of spiritual despair, and He gave us a great reference book for life in the bible. If we follow God's word, and act as He wishes, we never need suffer through the pains of alcoholism or drug addiction.

Yet even after we do terrible things in midst of an addiction, even after we abandon His love and His message, He forgives us, and when we can take no more of the pain of a life far from Jesus, He is ready for us, and He will show us how to get better.

An addiction is a disease of both the spirit and of the body. A disease of the spirit that occurs as we show spiritual conceit, thinking we know better for our lives than Christ. Yet it is also a disease of the body, and it must also receive physical tending. When recovering from addiction, we cannot ignore either parts of our whole, and if we do, we cannot hope for lasting recovery.

Conventional rehab doesn't offer enough

A lot of very smart people work diligently on the science of recovery, and even those well off people who recover in the finest of treatment centers, receiving the finest of medical and clinical care, don't often get better. It is important to treat the physical side of addiction, but conventional rehab relapse rates show us quite clearly that we ignore God at our peril.

We get ourselves into trouble thinking we can live our lives far from Jesus, but He forgives us, and we cannot solve our spiritual despair without His help.

Why Christian recovery

In Christian recovery, we get better holistically; we take what's great and proven effective from secular rehabs and incorporate them into a program that also tends to our spiritual needs. We do need medications and therapy, but we also need prayer and bible study, and not one without the other.

We share our stories with other Christians also in recovery, and we study and pray together for a better understanding of God's will, and for the strength to overcome our worldly conceits, and live a life as Jesus wishes.

Working together with Christian counselors, we dig deep into the self deceptions that take us farther from Christ and learn how we can use the power of prayer, the message of the bible, and God's love and strength to keep us from temptation always.

A small price to pay

Recovery from addiction is never easy, but with the help of Jesus you never need to take another drink, and you never again need to feel the lows of a separation from Christ.

Jesus wants you to be happy, and all He asks is that you live a Christian life. A small price to pay for a rewarding life...and a heavenly reward!

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