Friday, October 02, 2015

Christian Singles: Ideas To Keep Your Spirit Alive

Christian Singles find it difficult to maintain their faith while still dating. Events like Valentine's day are real temptation. Can you be happily dating while you are a christian? It is very possible to keep your principles without fearing to lose your partner. Sometimes you are tempted to do whatever your dating partner wants, forget about personal values and live a care free life. Fellow christians sometimes look like they are less exciting and boring to be with compared to non christians. The non christians are also lively and always cracking jokes while the bretherens have serious looking faces. This makes life for Christian singles very challenging. It is very important to retain your spirit because christianity is not about boredom and insensitivity. Would it not be easier to do what your friends are telling you and live a happier life? There is a sacrifice for every thing good and so having a relationship with God is more fulfilling. It feels good to know that you know God personally and you are living your life on earth to the fullest. You can please God and still have fun as a Christian single. Many Christians demonise relationships but there is nothing wrong in loving another individual privided you do not worship them. It only becomes wrong if you put that person in the place of God in your life. Dear Christian, it is ot wrong to socialize so do not make the life of your boyfriend or girlfriend a living hell. During Chritmas fun is not in watching cristian movies and singing gospel. Enjoy the season and put up a christmas tree, light up your life and it is not a waste of time. These little things can manage to keep your spirit alive. Wear a santa hat throughout December and the feeling is unspeakable. If you are a Christian single do not justify your taking life so seriously. Your once vibrant and dancing eyes should not lose their shining just because you have gotten saved. In fact the opposite should happen because it is among the best decisions in life. Whatever the pressure from your faith, do not give up on your spirit. As a christian single make sure you define yourself as a person and then you wil be able to see what you look for in a partner. Searching your soul as a christian is very important. Search for what you believe in, your personal values, do you work to live or live to work, what offends you. This is a journey to self identification. When you are looking for a life partner, make sure to sustain your spirit. You will find that it is easy fr your spirit to be bothered by the people you date as christian. Move on and look for somebody else whom your share some ideas about christianity and who will retain your spirit. Nowadays there are exclusive Christian dating sites which assist you in hitting your target. Your inner spirit will trully celebrate when you start meeting people who help you celebrate your Christianity.

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