Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jesus Christ Teaches Us Obedience to the Spirit of God.

What a special thing it is when we read that Jesus saw the Spirit of God in Matthew 3:16; it teaches us something very important about the word of God. We will try to learn the message and teaching of the Bible. The important thing for us, who read the Bible, is to understand all that Jesus said or meant, and that is why we must pay close attention to the word of God. For that we can read different versions of the Bible, and compare and get a better idea of??God's message to us. For example, here is how important the message of the Bible is, and this is because we can read what is written, consider the following scripture; Luke 2:49-52 49-50He Said, "Why Were You looking for me? Did You Know That I had to be here, dealing with the Things of my Father?" But they had no idea What He WAS talking about. 51-52So He Went back to Nazareth with them, and obediently lived with them. These Things His mother held dearly, deep within herself. And Jesus mature, growing up in both body and spirit, blessed by Both God and people. Obedience is something we hear from childhood, and the truth is that obedience is something we learn. Being obedient allows us to learn things that will benefit us in the future. Put it another way, to obey is to our benefit. The Lord Jesus Himself was an obedient child, he knew the will of God for obedience, and He practiced it, the Bible says that this time the parents of Jesus were concerned, this was because Jesus was gone, but after he was found, He return with them and lived in obedience to them. But we will see that Jesus said something we have to watch carefully, Jesus replied that he had to obey and be involved in his Father's spiritual affairs, says the writing that Jesus parents did not understand the importance of those words, but Jesus obeyed and returned with them, Jesus as a child was interested in obeying God. In the Bible we learn about the life of Jesus, and we can apply its lessons to our own lives, most important, of these Bible verses,it is to understand that we must obey God just as Jesus did. Remember that obedience is for our own good and for our benefit, and God knows exactly what is the best for you and me.

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