Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Wedding Commitments That Are Christian

All the planning and preparation has led up to this sacred moment. The Bride and Groom say their "I dos". Then they repeat their Christian Wedding Promises to each other, and the minister pronounces them to be husband and wife.

The words they speak are described as Christian WeddingVows, but what makes them particularly Christian. Are they sanctified by an ecclesiastical authority? Have they been handed down by Almighty God on tablets of stone? I do not think so.

Vows are statements of promise or pledge. Essentially they are commitments from Groom to Bride and Bride to Groom. They define what each brings and offers to the other. Partly because a Minister officiates, they are called Christian Special Event Vows. It is not quite that simple, however.

The history behind Christian Special Event Vows is quite interesting. A quick glance at American History reveals the dominance of the Church of England or Episcopal Church as it came to be known. The structure and format of Christian Nuptial Promises can be traced back to these religious traditions regardless of their contemporary variations.

You may attend a Methodist or Baptist or even a Pentecostal church, but when it comes to your promises made during your Special Event ceremony; they are all classified as Christian Special Event Promises and derive from the same original church roots. You may find variations, but they can still be Christian Special Event Vows.

The core content of these Christian Special Event Commitments arise from the Biblical record and views of marriage. This includes the special roles of husband and wife in the marriage relationship. The Christian Wedding Promises affirm these Biblical values and perspectives.

When we retrace the Biblical record and teachings concerning marriage, we find some very definitive view of what marriage should be. For example, in Genesis the first book of the Bible, God makes Adam - the first man. He commissions Adam to have dominion over creation, to name the animals, and later to work the ground to provide sustenance. He is also instructed to lead and protect his wife Eve.

Therefore in Christian Special Event Vows, the Groom pledges to take responsibility in the marriage relationship to provide the essentials of life, to protect his bride and family, and to lead his home according to the principles and values of the church. This self sacrificing and giving approach to the marriage relationship assures that the wife feels loved and together they can face the challenges of life.

Eve is made according to the Bible from the rib of Adam to be a companion and helpmate,. The role of a wife then becomes one of helping, working with, sharing with, being with her husband as a companion enjoying mutual love, work, and family mission. Her special role is the giver of life and the mothering of children. It is especially noteworthy that from the beginning, the Bible decrees mutuality between husband and wife. Had woman been made from a foot, she would be trodden down. Had she been made from a hand, she would have been used. Had she been made from a head, she would have dominated. Instead, God ordained that she be companion.

When the Weddingis officiated by a representative of the church such as a minister, and the promises made advance the traditions and views of the church, and the couple affirms Biblical values; the exchange is describes as Christian Special Event Vows.

The core nature of marriage is lifted up in Christian Special Event Vows, and you can see many different samples of Promises and pledges that are valuable as Christian Nuptial Vows.

Dr. David Trumble is a Wedding Minister in Austin, Texas with over 30 years of ministry experience. Christian Wedding Vows and Personal Wedding Vows are featured with other sample wedding vows and resources available online. Click the link so you can download your own free ebook - Dr Ts Top Ten Wedding Tips, and Wedding How Tips Ezine.

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