Sunday, November 29, 2015

How To Find Your True Love?

Many people dream to have that one unique person out there somewhere in this big universe who would be his or her perfect match. A person who will come riding in a seven horse chariot and change their life forever. It will be like a dream come true, like it happens in fairy tales. Does it happen? Is it true? And if what you have been dreaming about is true then how do you find your perfect partner your soul mate your other half??

What are you waiting for?

Begin your search for your other half right now because only he or she will make you happy. When you have the thought in your brain the brain would start sending the message to your other half too. So do make yourself aware there is someone out there who is only yours. Now you just have to start the search, only you have to make yourself visible for him or her. Become the spectacular person you want to be so you will stand out. By doing things you love to do, you will also be doing things that are more likely to attract the lover from your past births.

Where is your other half?

Yes that is the point where is your true love or your other half in which part of this world? There is only one person in the world who can be that, what are the chances that he or she'll live in your town? So if you're expecting that the person should be only from your cast, color and creed you might never find your love.

You have to keep yourself open minded about who he or she could be. As time goes and your message reaches him through the vibration there could be an instant connection. It doesn't matter which part of the world he or she lives in. The connection will be made with you that is the law of lovers... you will be pleasantly surprised.

When will your true lover show up?

Such things do not work on a schedule. Your other half and love of your life has perhaps already crossed your path but you are not aware. But you must have patience as you will be spending rest of your life or many lives for that matter with him or her in happiness and bliss.

Some time it might happen when you are already married. But no matter when, once the idea or search has begin he or she will come in contact with you sooner or later. You need not keep a particular time frame that yes now I will settle down because my true love has not arrived. When you go with wrong partner who is not your other half this will cause pain for everyone involved.

How does your true lover look like?

Do not get all these fantasies and fairy tale stories and Bollywood movies flash in your brain. Oh he will be like a film star and he would own fleet of cars and he will have a big bungalow or how wonderful and special your true love will be.

From my own search I found this, although my true lover did not match my colorful fantasy yet he is every bit what I want in life. This one simple fact remains that we want everything because we do not have that real other half and we try to find comfort by looking for other things and later get disillusioned. However once you find your true love you will be shocked to see how you both will match because that is the one created for you by God so I suggest keep yourself open without too much of fantasy.

Are you trying to search your true love everywhere you go?

Do not do that but try the other way some time. We look and search for something nonstop but only find it when we stopped looking isn't that true?

Yes the same principle applies for finding your true love. Become busy with your own life, realize your goals. Do not keep looking out for your someone in every airport, shop or cinema hall. Whence you totally forget about meeting someone chances are he or she would come knocking down.

What you should do until you find your true love?

You must first prepare yourself for unexpected. Now you are a traveler of a mystical path so pursue your studies, interests, hobbies and activities that are close to your heart. Stop doing things which are good for you but start doing things what your heart desires. This doesn't mean that you go out to pub and drink every night. I am talking about productive activities like your career your hobbies do that and enrich your knowledge because your every honest step is unconsciously taking you towards your other half

How do you prepare yourself for your true love?

Make yourself happy and confident and make yourself healthy and fit, learn to do new fashions. Style yourself into a more vibrant and fun loving individual before you find your true mate.

Once you're happy with yourself, your other half will make you even happier. But no one can fill a void created by not knowing who you are so first find yourself, this is very important in the search for your true love

How long do you have to wait?

There cannot be a time limit. But if your yearning is fierce and your passion in settling down only with your true half is strong, you will be able to get your other half. While you're waiting for your perfect other half, friends and family might dislike your idea at first and they might also question at your single status.

People around might sneer at you and even imply that something is "wrong" with you if you're "still" not married and settled in life. Just ignore them, this would be my best advice because in the run of life it is you who have to be happy and blissful with your true lover and achieve Nirvana. Hence learn to ignore, keep your fingers crossed and be patient. Patience is virtue and good things come to those who wait, so live life and have fun. So keep sending the waves of your love to your true lover every day and every hour of the day and one fine morning he or she will meet you. The only thing which could connect you with him/her is your faith so do not ever lose your faith And do not forget to read the Bible of love

"A Passionate Gospel Of True Love" This will be your first step to help you find your true love.

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