Friday, November 06, 2015

Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ Only For Christians?

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek", Romans 1:16 The Gospel of Jesus Christ is really the good news of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. We shall focus on his death in this writing. #1) Death of Jesus Christ Why Did Jesus Die? The extent of God's love for man kind is unimaginable. He fathered one Son then sent that only Son to die for for all peoples of the world. What love! Regardless of your religion, beliefs, race, gender and country Jesus died for you. That is settled. Jesus died for every person in the world. Those who believe in him and those who do not, Jews and non Jews. Now to benefit from Jesus' death you must believe that God sent him to die for the world and he is the Son of God. It is that simple. Jesus Christ is Sinless Jesus died because he is the only sinless human being to ever lived on earth. Besides Jesus all persons sinned and fall short of the righteousness of God. Owing to the fact that Jesus' father is not from earth sin was never passed on to Jesus by his parents. One half of Jesus' Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) was earthly and one half was Heavenly. His father's DNA, is Heavenly, but his mother's DNA was earthy. It is for this reason Jesus only earthly parent was a virgin. No man had deposited sin via his DNA into her. Jesus was never the seed of any man but he was the seed of a woman. Usually, one needs the seeds of both parents to form a child. The Holy Ghost is Jesus' father and sinless. Jesus was without sin so his blood could redeem man from sin. He is therefore, the ransom for the sin of man kind. He paid the ransom price by dying for us and by his sinless blood remove our sin. Other Reasons For Jesus' Death What could be your attitude if you were in God's place? You send your only Son to die for all and many refuse to believe the Word of your Son. Those who believe in Jesus have everlasting life but those who do not are condemned. They are condemn regardless of who they are. They are condemn because the did not believe in the Word of the Son of God. For the ungodly To reconcile mankind to God To justify man with God To destroy the Devil To remove the power of death and hell from the Devil To release the prisoners from hell To be a mediator between God and man To generate hope by the resurrection from the dead How is The Death of Jesus Christ Good News? We were all condemned by our sins to die. But Jesus Christ died for us and by his death we have life. That is not all, by his death we are brought into relationship with his Father, the Holy Ghost.Jesus was made a little lower than the angels in heaven for the purpose death. This is in relation to his physical and human characteristics. The angels in heaven are spirits. Jesus was human with flesh and bones and blood. It is this ability to bleed and die which really differentiate Jesus Christ from the angels in heaven. Why is the Death of Jesus Christ Good News? By his death he satisfied God's law for sin for everyone. By his death all peoples are made free from sin. Jesus Chris died but he is no longer dead, he is alive for always. As the Son of God death had no power over him. Owing to the fact, Jesus Christ died for the world we have hope because he is alive and did not stay dead. Since, Jesus died for all, we do not have to die because he redeemed us fro death by his precious blood. Now to live and have everlasting life we only need to obey his Words and believe in him. Article Source:

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