Monday, November 09, 2015

Spiritual Transformation in Christ Jesus - A New Creation Life

What is spiritual transformation in Christ Jesus, and what does a new creation in Christ Jesus mean? Transformation, a completely changed form from one stage to another. At some time in our lives we have all had a desire for a new beginning, a fresh start, a makeover in mind, soul and spirit, a new opportunity to reach our highest potential for the good. Humans have searched this out since the beginning of time. How can one actually be transformed in body, soul, and spirit? Nature holds many mysteries that reveal spiritual truths. Take for instance, the ordinary earthbound caterpillar, which through metamorphosis transforms into the beautiful free flying creature we know as the butterfly. The caterpillars metamorphosis reveals much about the process of transformation. As a limited earthbound creature, the caterpillar will eventually emerge from the darkness of a cocoon into glorious new life as a newly transformed beautiful creation, soaring to new heights of freedom. This before and after process is commonly known and observed by most of us. Little, however, do most of us know about the more intimate transformation process that goes on inside the cocoon, before the new creation emerges. Discovering the spiritual metaphor this mystery holds is even more exciting! Webster's Dictionary defines transformation as "an act, process or instance of change in structure, appearance or character. A conversion, revolution, makeover, alteration, or renovation." This is the process that is taking place inside the cocoon. The new life that emerges from the cocoon is entirely transformed, a new creation! Article Source:

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