Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Listen to God's Spirit - And Your Spirit!

Share this article on Facebook Share this article on Twitter Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Expert Author Carlyle A McClean It is generally accepted that man is made up of three parts--spirit, soul, and body. The spirit is that part that gives him life. The soul comprises the mind, will and emotions. The body is the instrument or vehicle used by the spirit and soul. It produces motion or action. - The spirit is the most important part of man's make-up. It is the spirit that gives life to the body. Without the spirit, the body is dead; lifeless; it can do nothing: see James 2:26 K.J.V. Moreover, the spirit will not die. It will live on forever, representing the life of the person--for better or for worse as the case maybe. But it is important to know and bear in mind that the human spirit is given by Creator--God. It did not come or happen by chance. Not to believe or recognize this fundamental truth; brings confusion to the human mind. God has built into man some capacity to recognize Him; and seek after truth. Moreover, this world in which man lives, is ample testimony that there exists Someone greater than he. Continual and willful denial of truth that points to the Creator--is unwise. This attitude would harden the human heart; and blunt the human conscience. Such a heart would find it very difficult to recognize truth--anytime in the future. God's Holy Spirit communicates with our human-spirit to tell us of God's requirements for living the Christian life. Prayer and devotion to the Word of God --keep the channel of communication open. - The soul comprises the mind, will, and emotions. The mind collects information. It gets information from the five senses; mainly the eyes and ears. Memory is also part of the mind. The will and emotions usually manifest what is in the mind of a person--by their actions. However, reasons and motives for actions are usually hidden or undetermined. A person might not even know why he or she--did such a thing. But usually that is no excuse. It is very important that the mind be fed only what is true. If the mind feeds on error--what it eventually puts out--would be harmful to the carrier; and those with whom he or she comes into contact. In the end, only truth is beneficial! Some people arrive at truth through experience; or by trial and error! But as long as they work in truth--they are safe. The mind occupied with error, can be re-trained to appreciate truth. It is only the Scriptures that are the truth. The Scriptures or the Word of God--can renew the mind to accept, appreciate--and even detect truth! It is the responsibility of everyone to find out what is truth--and follow it! Truth is discovered by those--who sincerely seek after it. But a person who recognizes or accepts Christ as Savior can appreciate and follow truth daily. Truth that would renew the mind! - Now we come to the body. The body is a container for the human spirit and soul. The ideal situation is to have spirit, soul and body working in sync or agreeing with each other. But in the present life, this is not all-together possible. There will always be some friction or rebellion--even in the enlightened and renewing-mind of the Christian. Why? Because Christ's death and resurrection redeemed only the human spirit! Not his soul and body. Soul and body will be fully dealt with--when Jesus Christ returns for all those--who believe, follow and wait for Him. Meanwhile, The Word of God, and God's Holy Spirit, is what the Believer accesses to enable him or her to live a life acceptable to God. Please pay a visit to... http://www.contentforu.com

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