Thursday, December 03, 2015

Never Allow Worship to Become a Lost Jewel in the Church of Jesus Christ or Even in Your Own Life!

Over these past two months I have spent a time of reading and research on the theme of Worship and it has been so enlightening and exceedingly enriching. Worship is the heart and core and centre of the Church of Jesus Christ. Worship must never become the missing jewel in the Church of Jesus Christ, and yet I am told that is various places the place of worship has not remained a priority. Worship is so vitally important and by worship we mean the worship of Almighty God - God the Father, and God Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Allow me to explain and elaborate. We worship God because we value Almighty God more than anything else in this whole world. When all else is gone, our gracious God, our Creator God, our risen and living Saviour will still be there, and will be there for us. When reading and re-reading Romans Chapter 11 and at verse 33, we are given an insight regarding that degree of amazement and wonder which are the natural response and reaction as we contemplate and think about our gracious loving God. This is where I have that longing to speak and teach to more and more people on the crucial aspect of genuine sincere worship. John tells us in the Gospel he penned, and of course also in the book of Revelation that Jesus Christ is worthy because He takes away the sin of the world, and Jesus was there at Creation, and Jesus is Saviour, and Jesus is coming again. These scriptural sentences are packed with meaning and relevance and they are so inspirational and motivational. We worship God because of His goodness, and that can involve, praise, thanksgiving, blessing, service, or even lament. It is not often we hear much said about that last category which is so very real particularly in the Psalms. We read in Romans Chapter 12 in the opening words of how we offer our whole selves to God. The Psalmist offered his whole being to God and Psalm 35 verses 9 and 10 express that truth and reality with clarity and certainty. Jesus told us that we should love the Lord our God with all heart and with all our soul and with all our mind, and that we should love our neighbour as our self. This is where we need to note the order. There are priorities. Again, that is something which can be overlooked in various areas of what is called 'the church'. Never overlook the vital centrality of worship. One aspect of sin is a failure to worship, and again that becomes clear when we turn again to Romans and to Chapter 1 and verses 21 and 25. Because of Jesus Christ, and because of the Holy Spirit, and because of the Word of God, we know God to be kind, forgiving, comforting, compassionate and gracious. In one of the parables Jesus told, that wicked servant saw God as a hard harsh greedy man. His picture of God was so wrong. Worship depends greatly upon how we see God and value God. A wrong concept of God or wrong thinking about God can lead us to wrong conclusions about Him. One thing we see in the life of the people of God particularly in the New Testament is that they trusted God, but of course, they had experienced God in a new and dynamic way, through Jesus Christ. Disciples of Jesus today suffer persecution from those who do not know God the Father of our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. Why? Some people do not like a light to shine in their darkness and that is why they try to extinguish the light. When Paul was in Athens he met people who did not know God and they were in darkness and Paul was going to enlighten them. We read of that in Acts Chapter 17. Do check out this whole area of worship and as God prompts you and nudges you never be ashamed nor embarrassed to come before Him in praise and worship and adoration. Article Source:

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