Wednesday, January 06, 2016

How to Be a Follower of Christ

Following Christ is a way of life that leads to union with God and humanity. When one is in communion with the divine source of life and with fellow human beings, happiness comes into being. And since happiness is the main goal of a fulfilling human existence, Christ invites people to follow him so that "you may have life, and have it to the full."(John 10:10) Anyone can be a follower of Christ. How? By living out the core values that nourished and guided Christ´s life. To be a follower of Christ is to put into practice the values of obedience and compassion that propelled Christ´s mission. Christ or Jesus of Nazareth as he was historically known, lived out his mission in submission to God whom he called 'Abba' (Father). He sought the will of God and followed it in love over and above any existing laws during his time. Not his own will but the will of God prevailed and pervaded his thoughts, words and actions. The will of God is the law that determines his life and mission. In obedience to the Father, Christ was deemed disobedient to existing dominant religious laws. By placing the will of God above the wills of religious authorities and masters of the law, Christ was condemned to death. He was obedient to God up to his last breath. Christ´s obedience to God was expressed in compassion in relation to people. He obeyed God by being compassionate to the people. He obeyed the will of God by loving the people in need of mercy and forgiveness. He followed God´s law by seeking and welcoming those who had been rejected and marginalized by religious laws and traditions. In compassion, Christ was a friend to the sick, the poor, the outcasts, the sinners and those considered unworthy by religion and society. So, his compassion challenged the dominant standards of holiness and perfection. He was considered irreverent and offensive to established rules of purity and sanctity. But all he did was obey God by being a man of compassion. In the midst of suffering people, he could do nothing but be merciful, consoling, self-giving... compassionate. If one wishes to be a follower of Christ, one must be always obedient to God no matter what and compassionate to the suffering people no matter who they are. Following Christ is an act of freedom expressed in obedience and compassion. It leads to path of happiness. Ramlit Navarro is a Brazil-based author who writes about a variety of topics ranging from spirituality, psychology, philanthropy to social issues, religion, internet marketing, non-profit organizations, fund raising and tourism. The author has written well-read articles at Article Source:

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