Saturday, February 27, 2016

Righteousness, Peace and Joy

Righteousness, Peace and Joy, these three words can change the course of our life forever. Jesus said seek you first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these Righteousness, things will be added unto you. What is seeking the Kingdom of God? It is obeying what He said in His word and the thing He tell us personally to do. It is putting His will ahead of our own this is righteousness. Jesus put a question before the People and said there was a Man who had two Sons. He asked one to do something and the Son said he would but did not. He asked the other one and he said he would not but later on, he did. Jesus asked which one did the will of the Father. The answer was the one who said he would not but later did it. It was not that Son's will to do what the Father asked but because he was his Father, he did it. There maybe times when we may not want to do the will of God at first but later on will do it. God sees this as righteousness because we have submitted our will to Him. What are the things that will be added unto us? These are the things that we need and or desire. We can be assured that after we have done the will of God, He will grant us the desires of our heart. His word said that He would send help from His sanctuary and grant us the desires of our heart. He will not put more on us than we are able to bear so what is required of us; we will be well equipped to do it. Righteousness brings peace and peace brings joy. During the period of righteousness we can expect opposition because we have an adversary, the Devil and he will do all he can to stop us from doing God's will but the word said no weapon formed against us shall prosper and every tongue that rises up against us we shall condemn. We should stay focus on His word and the thing that He has told us to do knowing that we are not along because He is with us and will make our way prosperous. Turmoil may break out because we are doing His will but there will be peace on the inside of us and with this evidence of peace, we will know that we are pleasing God. The result is joy. God rewards those who will do His will. He is a God of plenty and He will bless us with more than we could ever expect. As long as we do His will first, we will live a joyful life in return. We are Children of the Most High God and it is His good pleasure to do good things for us. The prime reason why we do not receive His fullness is that we are not obeying His word. However, He is good to the just and the unjust but His fullness is lay up for those who will obey Him. Righteousness, peace and joy are available to all of us but it is our choice to follow it. He does not attend pity parties so our crying, pleading, moaning and groaning will not move Him but obedience to His word will. I am a Christian and a License Practical Nurse. I enjoy helping and encouraging others. I am a Wife, Mother and Grandmother. I am also President of the Parent Teachers Organization, President of the Parent Supporter Task Force and a member of the Parent Leadership Institute. Article Source:

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