Sunday, February 21, 2016

Spirit - What is Your Spirit and How Does it Impact Your Life?

What is your Spirit and how does it help you through life? Learn how it communicates to you and your life will move into happiness and away from constant struggle and stress. What is your Spirit to you? What is your Spiritual point of view? It's something you really only know in your heart. It's a feeling you sense. It's something apart from the ordinary, from the daily mundane thoughts and experiences of life. Spirit exists on every plane of existence. Immortal, eternal and all knowing it's that part of you known as your Higher Self, your Soul. As such your Spirit knows your past, your present and your future. It talks to you all day long. In fact, when you listen without using your ears you will hear that it sings a song n your heart. Listen carefully. Understand how it talks to thee. Recognize that all the information it shares is 100% accurate. It tells you what to do when and how to do it so you can accomplish all you desire in life. In fact, when you listen and act on what it says your life will shift into high gear. Your Spirit provides all the synchronicity that allows you to easily manifest what you want. Yes, without the struggle - if you listen and take inspired action, that is. It's time to open up your mind and hear. Here is your life being handed to you on a silver platter Will you take it? This is your life. This is your world. Pay attention as the secrets come unfurled. Your Spirit constantly reveals how to manifest what is in your highest and best interest. Learn to listen. Learn to hear. Learn to sense and feel the messages for they don't always come to you in words. Yet know they are completely real You will never ever go astray when you follow your instinct. Why? Your Spirit is your instinct, your gut feeling, the little voice that suddenly, out of no where tells you to take some action that makes absolutely no sense to you in that moment. When you ignore that feeling you always regret it later. Know what I mean? That experience happens to everyone now and then. Your job is to realize that little voice is your Spirit delivering some crucial information to act on right then. Your Spirit speaks in feelings and knowings - as I call those little intuitive messages. Certainty. Your Spirit is always sure that what it tells you is in your highest and best interest - not just in that moment but down the road in the big picture too. Since your Spirit always knows what is best for you and lets you know exactly what to do why wouldn't you pay attention and take those actions? Isn't that how you want to live your life? Eliminate the strife except for what helps you grow. Yes, even the painful times move you forward in your life to peace and joy and happiness. Yes! That is your Spirit helping you every step of the way every day! Article Source:

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