Monday, April 18, 2016

How To Know Your True Spiritual Self

I remember the title of the book "How To Know God" by Deepak Chopra very well. I bought it. But I have always been tickled by the word God purely because it is a man made word that spells dog backwards and ever since I first realized that little fact the word has never sat squarely with me. But as you know everything in life happens for a reason and looking back I recognize that I was led to that book to learn information that was just a part of a whole, a glimpse of a much wider horizon that is my life journey. The title How To Know God is slightly misleading for the traditional concept of God is of some old bearded being that lives in a place far above us giving judgement on our thoughts, and actions. It is a concept that is the difference between religion and spirituality. In that we are taught in religion to worship a God that is outside of us, but true spirituality means to know that God is within us and expresses divinity through us if we only know how. So in my opinion to put it another way "How To Know God" should really mean "How To Know Your True Spiritual Self." I arrived at that opinion through a spiritual awakening that happened to me in 1999. This awakening occurred through a simple act of honesty and in the ensuing moments of that act I was re-connected with my true spiritual self. I was also introduced within a few weeks to the power of the law of Karma (The Law Of Attraction in another name) when experienced a Karmic reaction to my original positive action. It was because of that awakening that I realized we are all travellers in this life and each and every traveller that comes into our life has a message to impart or a lesson to teach us for we are a vehicle for the expression of that divine spirit many otherwise known as God. I have followed this criteria to the letter and have been shown through many doors that would otherwise have remained closed to me had it not been for that single act of honesty and spiritual awakening. Many of those doors opened to books I otherwise would never have dreamed of reading and in doing so pieced together a broken and fragmented picture of how we are born into a system that disconnects us from our spiritual true self. I have much to write on this subject on another day but one of those books actually defined the effect of that disconnection by the mask we are all forced to wear in public it is the mask of the false self ego and is the reason why so many people suffer such deep seated unhappiness and disquiet throughout their lives. For the system we are born into sets up a conflict between the spiritual true self and the false self ego that is not who any of us really want to be.I realized this when coming across this passage from what was for me a very boring book called The Torture Garden by Octave Mirbeau. But if you are led to a book then there is a message in that book for you and you must search for it. Here is what I found: "You lie to yourself and to others-you lie about everything that, in the depths of your soul you recognize as the truth? You are forced to pretend outward respect for people and institutions which you find ridiculous....You remain cowardly attached to moral or social conventions you despise, condemn and which you know lack all foundation....Its the permanent contradiction between your ideas and desires on the one hand and all the dead forms and vain phantoms of your civilisation on the other that makes you sad, troubled and unbalanced. In that intolerable conflict you lose all joy of life and all feeling of personality because every moment the free play of your strength is restrained, impeded and checked. That's the poisonous and mortal wound of the civilised world." I am Stephen Rickwood owner of the website [] Article Source:

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