Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Day Within King David's Life

David arose even before the sun had peeked over the horizon. He washed his face, and anointed his head before saying prayer unto the LORD. "Thank You almighty God, for thine kingdom which thou hast given into my hand, praise thine mighty hand for delivering mine enemies unto my feet." "For thou art but one - creator of the heavens and the earth." "I extol thy Holy name, above all things." "I pray Oh LORD, thy spirit leadest me unto all judgments. "In every matter, both small and great, may thine divine influence rest upon my stead." "Amen." He summoned his cup-bearer to bring drink, and food. He sat before the immense teak table, and pondered the answer the LORD had given him to his prayer the night before. David had his armor bearer come fourth, to discuss the day's activities. "I inquired of the LORD, should I attack, or shall I refrain? His answer was "refrain." "There shall be no battle today. "Give ye command unto the fighting men, that they may know this day is declared for rest, and reverence, unto the LORD God."." After he had eaten and drank, he ordered his ten-stringed instrument to be brought unto him. In the court, he had men-singers and women singers join him in singing praises unto the LORD. Halfway through the songs of praise, he noticed an advisor, kneeling at the edge of the court. He raised his cup, into the direction of the man giving him permission to come forth. "My Lord, a messenger has come, and wishes to speak unto thee," "bring, him," spoke David. The messenger looked tired, and the urgency of his words, was upon his countenance. "Permission to speak, unto my lord," said the man. "Speak," David said." "Sire", the man began, "I have come forth unto thee, to ask for thy mercy, for it has been spoken among the people thou hast sent spies beyond the river Jordan to look upon the lot. The people think you are about to advance your men, to attack." "I have been sent by the men of my company, to let thy lord know, that we wish not to do battle against the LORDS anointed, but rather we wish to join with thee into thy next battle." David pondered these words for a moment, and then spoke "It shall be as you wish. " Tell your men the LORD, had me refrain from attacking, and now I understand why." "Be it as I, have spoken" said David. " May the king live for ever and ever said the messenger, "and blessed be ye, by the hand of the LORD of the most high God." And so he bowed himself unto the king, saying "as thou hast spoken, so it shall be," with this he turned and left. David again picked up his instrument, and began singing praises unto the LORD. And so it was, until noon, they all gave reverence and praise unto the LORD. It was then, David ordered everyone, each back unto his own house. His cup-bearer asked him was He ready to eat, the mid-day meal, and David told him, "nay but for a short while, then inquire of me again." David arose from his throne, and went to his room to pray, in private. He closed the door, and kneeled down and began. "Oh sovereign LORD, of the most high GOD, forever mayest thy name be exalted, for thy judgments are true, and righteous art all of thine ways." "Thine council is above any man or men's. Thou hast me to refrain from going to do battle beyond the river Jordan, and I knowest now why." "For the men of the company sent unto me a messenger, vowing their will to join with my captain. LORD, if you sent not this man with the words of thy honor, allow me to perceive, and instruct me on what thou wouldst have me do." "To thy kingdom of kingdoms, you art the rock, and the horn, of my strength." "Amen." David remained kneeling, for he knew that his answer from the LORD, would be sure and quickfast. "I sent ye the messenger, spoke the LORD into David's heart, for my prophet had spoken to them. They harkened unto his words, and turned away from their wickedness, and they art worthy to join thy company, for I am with them." "Be it as thou hath spoken," said David. "I thank thee for thine council, and thy guidance."." "By thine command shall all of my steps be ordered." "Thou hast delivered them, and blessed them." I thank you LORD, for all things thou hast given me, for thou hath truly laid all things unto my feet, and till my death will I revel and serve thee in truth." "Amen." David rose to his feet, and summoned the cup-bearer to set the table, with food and drink. He also sent for the captain of the fighting men to join him to eat at the king's table. When he had come, and sat, David told him that he had inquired of the LORD, concerning the messenger. "What did the LORD, of the most high GOD, tellest thou lordship," asked the captain of the guards. The LORD sayest unto me, that HE had sent fourth a prophet, unto them, and they harkened unto his words, and turned from their evil, in the sight of LORD GOD. They vowed unto the LORD, to become true, and faithful to his ways. When the LORD saw, that they spoke in truth, he heard their cry and supplications. So the LORD had them send fourth a messenger unto me. He spoke their intentions of joining us in battle, and the LORD sayest to me, they are worthy, for I am with them." These words pleased the captain for he understood the reason, the LORD, had them to refrain from attacking. "Be it as thou hast spoken, and I will tell my company, what thou hast commanded." David was pleased with the day's events, for a small army had been won, without the shedding of blood. "Bring ye forth more drink," he ordered his cup-bearer. "As you wish sire," he responded. So they sat, and made merry, until the afternoon sun, was nearing the tops of the trees. It was a mid-November day, and the days had grown shorter, outside a light wind sent the leaves swirling. David ordered his robe-bearer to bring forth his robe, as he wished to take a walk outside onto the courtyard. He stepped out into the sunlight, and he heard the songbirds singing. "They are also singing praises unto the LORD," he thought. He smiled at the hand-maids as they bowed before him, saying "long live our king, for the blessing of the LORD, is upon him." He continued his walk, until the sun looked like a huge ball of orange, just above the horizon. It was surrounded by puffy low clouds, that were bathed in the orange of the sunlight. David loved being outdoors, where he could behold the wonder, and awe of Gods creations. He walked back to the court while thanking GOD, in his thoughts for the many blessings which he had been given.

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