Monday, June 27, 2016

How to Pray to God - Strategy to Understand the Secrets of Prayer

Who says prayer does not work? Who has not experienced the power of true prayer? How to prayer are as important as cultivating faith in God. Texts of Sacred Books of almost all major religions, preaches a relationship with God through prayer. Prayer to the Lord, has significance in almost religious. However the rituals, languages and words used to address and postures and movements during prayers differ in different styles of human life. Base prayers are the same for everyone and should remain as all intend to reach and release to the very unity of God who takes care of all kinds of life in the universe. True prayer is acceptance of its many sins and negative factors in its individual life and faith in the Lord and commitment to live henceforth in all situations with acceptance of karma and love given to God by serving others with humility. Many speak loud and clear its list of grievances and the budget of requests and continue to repeat it during the prayer as he did during his visit to his boss. It is not a fair prayer to the Oneness of God. Many address his prayer with intelligent thought while maintaining their attention in the memory of the shape of the symbol of the religion of his lord. Equitably to pray to the Oneness of God is to go beyond thoughts and express emotions of love to the oneness of God. air prayer in consciousness go beyond your language. It is not a fair prayer to continue to repeat his words of prayer at the end. So just praying to the Oneness of God is to surrender or commit to deliver, commit faith in him and try to listen to inner rings in the physical body and interior beyond in the house of the true oneness of God. Any commitment mistaken for prayer can not meet your Lord. Many people remain concerned while doing his chosen job. Others remain confused while doing his chosen job. Many people do not want to do the job he does. They chose the work under the constraint of fear or greed. Doing any job, without accepting in the conscious mind, is a habit and the main source of unhappiness. Doing any job in fear or greed, you gain little in the physical world and a significant loss in the subtle world of the mind. It effects the development of personality and your relationships with others. This is not the way of accepting the destiny of the situation given by Lord and surrender to faith in him committed during prayer. Learn to accept the situation of chosen job in prayer and commit to play it as karma given by God with devotion and fun. You will become filled with happiness inside, asked for prayer. Any waiver of the false faith in him committed during prayer can not meet your Lord. Thus the commitments forged in prayer do not work and still source of unhappiness. Commitments false thoughts in prayer do not work and still source of unhappiness. Many people chose to work with dedication, but are not happy. Because they still consider that destiny has made them slaves to others. In fact, they have not accepted their destiny in the inner consciousness, while yielding to faith in him committed during prayer. What is accepted is outward acceptance and fails to thy Lord. Until he accepts his situation while in prayer to the conscious mind, it is doomed to stay unhappy. Any semblance commitment during prayer can not meet your Lord. Commitments thought so wrong with prayer do not work and still source of unhappiness. True Service and Giving, on behalf of the Lord does not expect fruit in the world of business. Many people chose to work to win for the welfare of his children, partners or parents, friends and many others. They are as moral commitments and the love of God through them, committed during prayer. In compliance with its commitments during prayer, they continue to support them with donations to many with their surplus wealth, including charitable institutions. But they continue with thoughts reluctantly that many have not responded well to support and donations and respecting their sacrifices for them. They continue to consider the moral commitment and love of the Lord through them as commercial transactions. They continue to demand something in return which is conducted as selfless works and other gifts on behalf of the Lord. Any assistance to any organization that increases your selfishness, not reaching the Lord, he will continue to cause misery in the deepest spirit. True Service and Giving, on behalf of the Lord does not expect fruit in the world of business. It sowsthe seeds of happiness in your conscious mind itself, while the lord reached inside. True prayer to God gives you feel- in the heaven of happiness. Do nothing to others in the name of the Lord that increases your selfishness and ask something in return. False commitments for gifts and love toward others in prayer do not reach the Lord. True love and the moral duty do not require conditions of its fruit and always fill you with inner happiness. Ask any other mother, how she is filled with inner happiness to attend all the tasks of the child without imposing conditions and expectations. If you have committed before God to love others as its shape and implement the same in mind, you will feel you are already in the heavenly home of the Lord. The real prayer to God continues to make you feel your negative traits and ignore the negative traits of others. Many people believe that they are wiser than the family members. He continues to advise others as a moral duty to self-improvement. They continue to find negative traits in the family member. In fact, many people fail to improve their indigenous features, they realized during their life experience. They wish that it should not be repeated by members of their families and loved, especially children. This is nothing but his ego satisfaction. This person is obliged to live in misery and become subject to evil in the minds of others. Real prayer is to commit before lord that you will feel your negative traits and continue to improve it and ignore the negative traits of others. True prayer to God, gives you the inspiration to become example of the moral life before others. Human nature does not act in happiness with the thoughts of others, but his karma yet. Learning the truth from the experience of oneself or observing the actual experience of others. The elders of the family need to commit to become examples of the moral life before others, especially children and not finding fault of others. If will spread happiness in every family. True prayer to God is spiritual medicine and a deep meditation practice. He who has learned the art of true prayer to God, no need to practice any other meditation, yoga or spiritual techniques for their spiritual growth and happiness in human life

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