Sunday, July 24, 2016

Trust God Through Hardships And Trials With Faith

We should unmistakably attend to God's plan, give credence to God through faith and try not to disobey Him. Sounds simple right? OK, it can be a harsh life attending to God. God never assured us that life was going to be simple as ABC. All those that have denounced the world and overcame their enslavement to it, are the people that encounter quite a few tests and trials. Many will Trust God by faith. Before we start a test or trial, we want to look for a definitive happening and so we need to get hold of all the input we need to obtain out of it as we make one's way through it. Many times we neglect to do this, we happen to get distressed or become agitated. This is not how we get our strength, this disrupts us from progressing spiritually. We are deficient in faith and it divulges to God that we don't rely on Him or that we are skeptical that He will accompany us through our troubled times. A lot of people will experience many of the tests and trials and they won't picture what's taking place or should I say, "What they can profit from them." Let me put it this way, when we are hit with a misfortune, what is it that we basically think about? We think about the harmful side to this problem and we are faced with going through the worry or fear of this handicap. Why do we have to add more pain for ourselves? It is saying that we lost our assurance in God. That is why we should always Trust God. Nothing on earth snuffs out faith more rapidly than worries, fears and doubts. That is the one reason many do not learn to participate in or comprehend the truth about a lot of the sacred text that are contained within the Bible. Many can't grow spiritually because they can't let go of their fear. Many usually see a opposite result than the one God has planned for them. There isn't any measure of time set for these tests and trials, any one of them could only take as much as 15 minutes, as many may endure for more than six months. This is why it can be crucial for you to be awake. It's best to be alert to what's taking place and you don't want to be too anxious to move right into your troubles. You can learn so much from tests and trials, utilize them. They can be so energizing that there really isn't any words you can find to explain about them as you glide through them relieved of worries, fears and doubts. You become so used to going through them and your faith is so potent that these three words do not exist as a crutch in your life. Jesus wants us to, Pick up our cross and follow Him. With out a doubt, you can't get to know Him if you can't prove your trust in Him. You will either angle off to the left or toward the right. You will surely be wandering haphazardly inside yourself. People can't show you the way back to God, but Jesus will, once you permit Him to and believe in Him. Just like you need to Trust God.

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