Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Youth Ministry - 5 Questions Every Youth Ministry Leader Must Ask Themselves

We normally view ourselves as fairly comfortable with our daily life. We get into a routine and stop at a certain level of success. If you have a youth group of 40 members, it's easy to sit back and say "job well done". The few that push and aim for something more purposeful with their youth ministry are the leaders that will make a difference in a great number of teen's lives. So let's look in the mirror and ask 5 questions to see how we can improve as a child of God, so we can then be a better leader of a youth ministry. 1. What do I genuinely want out of leading a youth ministry? The truth is, some youth pastors just find themselves in the role. Some feel burnt out from youth ministry. And some love it with every fiber of their soul. Knowing what you get out of leading a youth ministry is vital to your success. If having a part in helping young adults become mature individuals, and leading teens to a relationship with Christ is what you "get out of youth ministry" then you are on the right track. If not, this question is extremely important for you to answer, not only for you, but for your students. 2. Am I too relaxed with my youth ministry? There is at all times an easy way to do something, and also the right way to do something. The easy way is to keep using the same lessons and techniques to teach class year after year. The right way, is to find what works with students, and constantly evolve your methods of teaching to keep the students involved and looking forward to your ministry year after year. Wide variety gives your students zero time to get bored with your classes. 3. Am I taking care of myself? Perhaps you have put so much pressure on yourself to deliver for you students, you are wearing yourself out. Keep yourself healthy spiritually as well as physically and mentally so you can be on top of your game with your students. 4. Am I happy today? Not in a literal sense, you could be reading this the same day you broke your foot falling down the stairs. But in general, are you happy as a youth leader? Do you enjoy the outreach programs with your students? Do you look forward to helping your students with their problems? The same goes with everyday life! 5. What inspires me? What inspires your youth work? It's an answer that should a clear statement of your love for God and spread His love to your students. There are numerous factors that help to make a successful youth ministry. But having a clear mission statement of what inspires your daily work with your youth ministry should be known by you and shared with everyone you know.

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