Sunday, August 21, 2016

Can a Christian Wife and Mother also be a Successful Business Woman in Today's Society?

I find it difficult for a Christian Wife and Mother to also achieve success in the Business Industry. The Bible states that a woman first job is the household and the serving of her husband. It clearly states that a man role is to provide for the family. The business world sometimes requires so much time and dedication, that it is sometimes difficult to do both successfully. As an Entrepreneur, there may be times one needs to make difficult but necessary decisions that may be in conflict of one's religious belief. For example, can a Christian business owner, that is looking for a business loan accepts funding from an investor or an organization that support abortion or encourages sexual immorality between unmarried couple. In one hand accepting the loan can help your business grow but in another hand, not accepting the loan because of your beliefs may hurt the business finances. Is your loyalty first lies with religious value or to your business. Any business owner will agree that it will be a bad business decision not accept a loan that may affect the business going concern and not to mix your business life with your personal life. At the same token, any Christian business owner will also agree that a true worshipper makes hard decisions and needs to be loyal to the Kingdom. The final decision is still left with that individual. As a Christian wife, should you discuss every business transactions or decisions to your husband, or should you rely on your professional judgment and trust your instincts? These are hard questions, that every business woman must ask themselves one time or another. In my opinion, the Bible does not provide enough evidence to help an individual make a strong argument or decision to that matter. One lesson I've learned from experience is that no one situation is the same, therefore, an individual must first ask God for guidance on what she should do and second if in doubt go with your first instinct. Your first instinct is usually a whisper from your guardian angel helping you make the right choice.

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