Sunday, September 11, 2016

Living a Christian life

Living a Christian life on your own is impossible because victorious Christian living can only be achieved through the resources that God can provide.
If we think that living as a Christian can be obtained just by believing in Jesus Christ and asking Him into our lives we are sadly mistaken. No matter how hard an individual may try they will come up short every time.
We live in a world of sin in sinful bodies with a sinful nature. God knows we cannot do it on our own and that is why he has given us the resources to accomplish this Spiritual act.

Yes, Jesus Christ is The Way to eternal life but is also the beginning of living a Christian life the way God intends us to live but there are other resources that God wants us to be aware of.
God is spiritual therefore we must become spiritual in our Christian walk and the elements to consider of this spirituality will include gaining wisdom from God, asking for provision from God, living in friendship with God, drawing near to God and being lifted up by God. It is all from God; it is all attained by reliance on God.
The best way to begin our journey in understanding God as well as living a Christian life is by studying His Word (The Holy Bible).

The foundation of this effective life is Jesus Christ; the inspiration is the Holy Spirit. Apart from Jesus and the Holy Spirit the best life cannot be attained.
The building blocks of the effective Christian life are:
Moral Goodness
True Knowledge
Brotherly Kindness
These nine essential qualities are intertwined and work together to produce your best life in Jesus Christ.

Moral excellence is an attitude precipitated by faith in God. When you place your full trust in God then regardless of whether you have the knowhow you will want to live a life pleasing to God; you will want to live a holy and righteous life that brings honor to God.

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