Friday, September 09, 2016

Marriage and Christianity

The Jesus you know about is the Jesus that you can know personally, that you can have a relationship with. Our Lord Jesus is as present to us today as He was 2,000 years ago or even more present. Jesus still heals His people. When He ascended into heaven, shortly after He sent the Holy Spirit with a whole pack of gifts. These gifts can be ours and the Lord can use us but also the Holy Spirit brings us fruit. In prayer we can feel a deep sense of remorse, we can feel our deeply we have hurt Our Lord. How much time do we waste in our lives not serving the Lord? Do we put ourselves and our wants over the needs of our family? When you start to pray and read Scripture and read Catholic literature and go to Mass more, everything else just seems to no longer fit. Then, you can start to feel more isolated as you no longer fit in with the things of the world. Accepting Christ can make things difficult not only with our friends but even in our families, in our marriages. In marriage, we need to show love for our spouses and work on our marriages rather than spending lots of time in prayer. God can accomplish things a lot quicker if we just got out of the way. We need to stop preaching to our spouses and start serving them instead. When we do this, God can love others through us. God's love flowing in and through us to our spouse has the power to do all things. This is what the sacrament of matrimony is all about. A sacrament is an outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace. Those of us called to married life have a vocation with two missions: interior and exterior. The interior mission is about our sanctification; our marriage is our path to sanctity that our Lord has chosen for us and that path is to be lived with another individual. We are to both serve each other in bringing each other to the fullness of life in Christ Jesus. The greatest gift we can give to our spouse is to lead them into union with God by being a conduit of God's love to them. Our exterior mission is to be a sign to the world of the love of God. A Catholic marriage is meant to be the salt of the earth. When we serve each other in our marriages, we hope to be able to give our spouse the gift of eternal life by leading them to Christ in our lives and in our marriage.

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