Thursday, November 03, 2016

Best Study Bible - Secrets To Learning the Word Of God

The best study Bible can help you unlock many secrets in the Word of God. Many people know how important it is the study the word of the Lord, but they are not diligent in their walk with Christ. People who live in civilized cultures today have many distractions that keep us from spending time in the Word. We are too busy seeing checking our friend's Facebook walls to spend 20 minutes in the Word every day. I think you know exactly what I mean! I am guilty of doing this too.
The average person doesn't spend much time in the Word, and that makes it difficult for us to talk to others about Christ. It is for this reason that Christians should invest in the best study Bible to help us get interested in studying the Scriptures again. There are many reasons why Christians don't read the word of God. Some people just get bored with reading the Scriptures. If your relationship is not right with the Lord, it is easy to get distracted with other things.
There are a few secrets to learning the Word of God and embracing the Scriptures.
Buy the Best Study Bible You Can Find
Most people will spend thousands of dollars on iPads, fantastic vacations, and big screen televisions, but they won't invest in a great Bible. This kind of attitude has to change! You need to buy a great Bible that has many notations and footnotes that will help you understand the Scriptures from a scholars perspective.
If you have never owned a Bible with a concordance, you do not realize what you are missing! A concordance is great because you can find information on any topic in the Scriptures in just a couple minutes. With a study Bible, you will see different perspectives on the Word.
Study The Word of the Lord with other Christians
It will help you tremendously if you study the Scriptures with other Christians. The Lord did not design people to be lone ranger Christians. The Lord wants Christians to fellowship together, pray together, and study the Word of the Lord together. When you study with other people, it helps you to stay motivated to study the Scriptures.
Many people get bored with reading the Scriptures because they don't understand what the Scriptures are saying. Owning the best study Bible will help you see how the Scriptures relate to your life today.
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