Monday, January 30, 2017

How To Survive Widowhood?

Widowhood is a tough experience that no one wants to go through. Unfortunately, many women found themselves in this position and have absolutely no idea how to deal with the pain of losing someone dear to them. While having someone close to you die is a terrible experience, it does not mean you have to sit all day long in your bed, not do your chores and forget about the kids. It also does not mean you have to be string for others. It is okay to mourn the loss of your husband and it is also completely understandable. But sitting in bed for 3 months will not bring you any alleviation.
Here is how you can survive widowhood:
  • Mourn - take your time to mourn. Take as much time as you need. Let yourself cry. Be alone. Cry, yell and punch things. Let yourself crush, only to rise again, stronger and bolder. Do what is necessary to regain yourself and to take control of your life. Do not be strong for others. Be strong for yourself.

  • Learn to love the loneliness - it will take you some time, but you have to learn how to stay strong even in these moments of complete loneliness. Do not expect to love these moments all of the sudden. Take your time and adjust. You lived with a man for an extended period of time so it is natural that you might need some time to adjust to the new circumstances.

  • Be in control of your life - I am sure you split chores and other stuff with your husband. Unfortunately, he is not here anymore and can't really help you. You must regain control of your whole life. Plus, you can't leave his loss keep you in bed all day long. You need to get up, face the reality and take control of your life.

  • Join a support group - you are not the only one who has to go through this. Find a support group or a community of people who have experienced such a thing and join them. It will seem weird for you to share your story at first, but you will find great support in these women.

  • Talk to people - do not push people away. As much as you want to be alone, do not push the closest people away from you. Taking some alone time is something natural, but if someone wants to talk to you, do not shut that person down. Everyone that stayed in your life through this moment means well and wants to make sure you are getting better. If you allow them to be a part of your life, you will see how having someone that cares about you can really change your perspective on life.
Widowhood is a big deal and a heavy thing to go through. Surround yourself with worthy people and people who want to be in your life. And always remember that time will make the pain go away.
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