Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Christians and Divorce - What Does the Bible Say?

What exactly does the Bible say about being Christian and Divorce? There are many texts throughout scripture on the subject of divorce and the over riding message to Christians is that it is wrong and therefore unacceptable.
According to (Malachi 2:16) "God hates divorce". So as a Christian, divorce should never be an option although the Christian world today does face as many divorces as non Christians. According to (Luke 11:4) reconciliation restoration and forgiveness are supposed to be the identifiers of a true Christian. Taken literally this would indicate that these measures are what God would like to see happening.
There are only two specific reasons spoken about in the Bible as to how being Christian and Divorce could be acceptable. (Matthew 19:9) discusses "unrepentant adultery" as a reason for a Christian to want a divorce and (1 Corinthians 7:15) speaks about the abandonment of a Christian by a non Christian Spouse. This however should still not be regarded as a "get out clause" and once again a true Christian should seek reconciliation by any means and a move towards forgiveness.
In (Luke 14:26) the message is clear when Jesus says that you should love Him more than your own life. Thus the way to ensure that your marriage is a happy one is to ensure that you put Him first in all that you do.
If divorce is currently at the forefront of your life right now you must endeavor to do all that is possible to prevent it through counseling, therapy and help from friends or religious leaders. Clearly "Christian and Divorce" are two words which are just not compatible. The only separation you should be seeking is the separation of these two words.
There are many activities you can carry out yourself such as formatting a plan of action so that you know in your heart that you have tried and explored every way possible to avoid the catastrophic outcome of divorce.
The reality is that you owe it to yourself, your partner, your children and your faith, to try everything possible to save your marriage. Before you invest in marriage counseling or therapy, I strongly suggest you read this book. There is a great video here as well that you really must watch... Save your Marriage Today The Author of this book has already helped 6100 couples save their relationships.

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