Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Christians Are Born to Win

Our attitudes as Christians matter a great deal, especially as they concern the affairs of born again Christians. Quite assuredly, we would rest content if we know that our attitudes and actions can steer us far away from fear. We want to get frequently reminded that we should not be easily frightened by any state of affairs such that we lose our bearing. We should be focused and stable. The Holy Bible is replete with convincing promises that God's intention for us in life is to be on top, not below - above, not under.
What pressure does, most of the time, is to render us fickle-minded so that we are perpetually kept darting between opposing alternatives. Under such circumstances, one can easily home in on wrong choice. Therefore, no matter the degree or kind of pressure we are exposed to we should be strong in our resolve and remain 'as constant as the Northern Star'. Irrespective of one's status in life, race or color, disturbing pressures apply to people all over the world. Above all, one should be aware that God wants everyone to be a winner.
But it is hearty to note that pressure has its other side, which is largely beneficial in nature. Pressure directs you to recognize both good and evil. Ill or good, you are at liberty to make a choice. And our encouragement is the courage to choose to do that which is right. Doing what is good is a process that fast-forwards the blessings of truly religious Christians.
The early Church, for instance, grew in leaps and bounds and achieved encouraging results in times of intense turbulence and persecution than in times of benign peace. Persecution then is a form of pressure which can hasten spiritual and material advancement. It can also fire up your faith and drive you into quicker actions than you previously planned.
In some parts of the world, there are instances where landlords become intolerably unbearable to their tenants and make life a living hell for them. What more option would be open to the embattled tenants than to become alive to the reality that they too can do something to own houses?
In a learning situation, continuous assessment by way of assignments, tests and examinations are necessary and sufficient conditions for promotion and graduation.
Pressure - tests, persecutions and others may be experienced in marriage, workplace, and church and in all facets of societal life. As they rear their ugly heads, your target concern is not to give up. God will bless and reward you with an expected end.
Another beauty of the trial of faith is that it helps to pile up your blessings for a season and thereafter have them released to you. The testimonial for this is: 'And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you' Joel 2:25
In closing, have the assurance that whatever God allows in your life today is meant to bring you blessings in multiples, tomorrow. You can't but be a winner.

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