Thursday, February 02, 2017

Should Christians Get Divorced?

Can a Christian get divorced? What does the Bible say about divorce? These are the questions that will be dealt with briefly in this article.
Before we look at the specifics about if divorce is permissible for Christians it is important to start with the fact that God created the institution of marriage and he hates divorce (Malachi 2:16). Christians may have different views on whether or not divorce is ok, but each has to affirm that divorce is not what God intended and he hates it when it happens.

There seems to be 2 grounds for divorce in the Bible.
The first is adultery as found in several places but especially Matthew 19. In this passage Jesus seems to make allowance for divorce if there has been unfaithfulness in the marriage. While he does make an allowance in this instance again it is important to read this whole passage where he says that if there is a divorce it is because there are hard hearts (which he dislikes). It is also very important to note that while it might be permissible for a Christian to get a divorce in this situation Jesus is not commanding that they do so and in fact hopes that they will stay together just as God has joined them.
The second provision that seems to be made for divorce is if a Christian is abandoned by a non Christian (1 Corinthians 7). If a non Christian spouse were to move away scripture seems to allow for a divorce in this situation. Again while there is a provision here in this case it is not a command for a Christians to get a divorce if they are left by a "non believer."
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