Wednesday, May 03, 2017

The Story of Fallen Angels

We often hear about Angels and Archangels and the like. The story is always a pleasant one with their nature that of goodness and kindness. The dictionary defines an angel as "A Spiritual, Celestial Being, superior to Man in power and intelligence". But what happens when an Angel turns to the other side?
The concept of fallen Angels - Lucifer etc. - is a controversial one. However, it is generally accepted that some force or entity outside of ourselves is working to push us towards evil or away from God.
Some of the Angels, because of pride, did not return God's Love. These Angels may be called Demons and can be considered to be under the command of Satan. Satan, known as the Prince of Demons in the Bible, is of a peer with the greatest of Angels and is a very powerful adversary.
Perhaps, he rather took a different course to that expected or ordained by God or personified by Archangel Michael, as opposed to being the enemy. Whatever, he is now considered to be the leader behind all of our negativity, evil thoughts and deeds - temptation personified! His Demons cannot, apparently, possess a Christian as their bodies are Temples of the Holy Spirit; however, they can influence towards evil and invariably do. This is the method that Satan uses to trap and neutralise a believer. He introduces, if he can get away with it, the Doctrine of Evil inside the soul of the born-again believer. Evil represents Satan as Grace represents the reasoning and policy of God. God's word and God's help, through the Angels, overcomes evil.
We could go into the complexities and the details, but they are beyond the scope of this article. There are many and varied stories regarding the fall from grace of Lucifer (Satan, The Devil, the list goes on- a name, by the way, which stands not for evil but for Light! - and it is not appropriate to attempt to go into detail here. Suffice to record that Satan's aim is to become God and Christians are taught to be on their guard from his powerful and negative influences.

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