Saturday, May 06, 2017

Trusting the Vision Sown Deep in the Heart

Something I've long held to is a vision - a compendium of visions actually - that God has sown deep into my heart.
These are realities many would call dreams, because they've not occurred, yet they seem so real to me, in that they (within my mind's eye) have already occurred - within eternity's history of my soul. That's the weirdly spiritual thing about visions of this kind; the view we have of them is past-tense when they haven't occurred yet.
I cannot go into any depth as to what these visions are - they're personal until the day of redemption - but all I will say is I think I've had them as long as I remember, and I know I must believe God. There is no effort in belief. It makes only sense to believe these images for my life. They're only applicable to my life. They only have meaning for me.
None of these visions are spectacular. That's not the point of vision that comes from God. It's not as if I can overlay my own desire into these visions, but vision no doubt inspires my desire.
Memory of these visions is given daily. This is God reminding me of something so deep, His Presence in them, which creates a determining drive to realise these visions - but, as is appropriate, only in His time and by His method.
I believe each of us has a vision, a series of visions within it, that compels our lives forward. It is something every human being has been given. Ecclesiastes 3:11 (GNT) says:
"[God] has set the right time for everything.
He has given us a desire to know the future,
but never gives us the satisfaction
of fully understanding what he does."
The vision He has set into your heart - whether you're aware of it or not; it's there - compels us to know the future, in realising the vision. This is both a trust and a frustration; what a gift to receive! But, oh what a burden! What makes life so brimming with purpose will drive us crazy at times. But only because God's knowledge is making its attempt to assimilate with our own, even as our desires attempt to thwart and thieve God's knowledge.
There are things within the vision that God has given us that seem awkward, as if they don't fit. Whether they fit into the time we're allotted on earth is not certain. But vision stirs the imagination, and must be held lightly as a spiritual (not actually physical) gift.
The vision calls for maturity in the accepting of it; that God knows best. Many things we cannot understand.
God is the giver of good gifts, and our calling is to trust the vision He has sown deep in our hearts. We allow the vision its place as part of who God has purposed us to be.
Trust His vision, given to you, for your life; not simply as proof He is real and that you're an eternal being, but as a sweet promise for your life; your predestined God-appointed place in this life.
But be careful. Don't make of the machinations of your own mind what should only come from God. It does not end well for those who procure for themselves to be a god.

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