Friday, August 18, 2017

The God of Power and Almighty

Through the Scriptures the God of power and dynamic energy as the Maker of heaven and earth are repeatedly highlighted. We see evidence of His Almighty power in all physical creation, in the immense and countless stellar bodies as well as all earthly things. The Bible record pulsates with His express of power and His mighty acts toward mankind. Though at times He has kept quiet exercising self-control, whenever His due time came to act He has taken vigorous action with His full might. In every case, His varied expressions of power have been in harmony with righteousness. (Ps. 98:1-2, Isaiah. 5-16)
Our God of power is slow to anger and always under control and in harmony with His attributes of love, wisdom and justice. He is abundant in loving-kindness. If one fears God and works righteousness, he will receive mercy from Him, for the Almighty recognizes man's inherited imperfection and shows mercy to him on this account and on the basis of Jesus' sacrifice. (Ps 103:13-14)
God gave His only-begotten Son full of God's power and wisdom. From Jesus' miraculous birth forward, God's power was displayed toward and through Him as never before. Like the psalmist, He became "just like a miracle to many people." (Ps 71:7) Jesus and His disciples, like Isaiah and his children, were "as signs and as miracles in Israel from God," portending the future and revealing God's purpose. (Isaiah 8:18) In Jesus' God's powerful workings during thousands of years now found fulfillment, came to fruition. Rightly the apostle could speak of Jesus as "the power of God and wisdom of God," (1Cor 1:24)
Jesus Christ is called "The first - born from the dead." (Col 1:18) He was the first and only to be resurrected to everlasting life through God's power, and His resurrection was "in the sprit," to live in heaven. (1 pet 3:18) He was granted immortality and incorruption, and was made higher than the heavens," second only to God in the universe.(Heb 7:16) His resurrection was performed by God Himself. (Acts 3:15)
Jesus' anointing by God's spirit was accompanied by divine power.(Acts 10:38) As 'the prophet greater than Moses,' who was "mighty in His works and deeds," Jesus' credentials were proportionately greater. (Deut 34:10-12) Jesus took no credit for Himself, constantly giving acknowledgement to God as the Source of His powerful works. (John 5:19, 26) Honest persons recognized "the majestic power of God" manifested through Him. (Luke 9:43)
Jesus gave proof of God's interest in mankind, evidence of what God would do for all loving righteousness. Jesus' powerful works were largely related to mankind's problems, first and most basic among which is that of sin, with all its damaging effects. Sickness and death are concomitants of sin, and Jesus' ability to heal sickness of all kinds and even to resurrect the dead. (Matt 9:23-29)
Through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the God of power manifested His power over the sunlight on the day Jesus was hung on the cross from the sixth hour (11am. To 12 noon) until the ninth hour (2 to 3 p.m.) a darkness fell over all the land.(Matt 27:45) Luke's account adds that the darkness fell "because the sunlight failed." (Luke 23:44-45) This could not have been due to an eclipse of the sun by the moon, as some think, for the darkness occurred at Passover time, which was always the time of the full moon. It is about two weeks later that the moon is new, that is, in the same direction as the sun from the earth (the time when solar eclipses occur).
Long before this occasion, God had demonstrated His power to shut out the sunlight. This was when the Israelites were down in Egypt. During the ninth plague thick darkness enveloped the Egyptians with darkness that could "be felt." It lasted for three days, longer than any eclipse of the sun by the moon. Also, in the nearby land of Goshen, the Israelites at the same time enjoyed light. (Ex 10: 21-23)
The purpose of the resurrection shows forth not only God's unlimited power and wisdom but also His love and mercy and vindicates Him as the Preserver of those who serve Him. (1 Sam 2:6) Having resurrection power, He can go to the extent of showing that His servants will be faithful to the very death. The fact that God's servants are willing to give up life itself in His service proves their service is, not for selfish considerations, but for love. Job was an example. (Job 27:5) It also proves that they acknowledge Him as the Almighty, able to resurrect them, Universal Sovereign and the God of power and love. The resurrection also is a means by which God sees that His purpose toward the earth, as stated to Adam, is carried out. (Gen 1:28)
The expressions of God's power reached a high point in the establishment of the kingdom by Christ Jesus and the judgment acts that result from His event on earth. As for Jesus' disciples they prayed, addressing God: "Sovereign Lord, you are the One who made heaven and the earth." (Acts 4:24) And the most important thing to note, even though He is the Almighty power, the God of power is not an angry God but a happy God, pleasant, peaceful and calm toward those who properly approach His presence. (Ps 16:11) "God is not the God of the dead, but of the living. (Matt 22:31-32) God because of His power, "makes the dead alive and calls the things that are not as though they were." Paul includes this fact when speaking of Abraham's faith. Rom 4:17)
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