Sunday, September 03, 2017

Family - Core Values and Christian Character

Following Jesus' teachings should be at the heart of every action a Christian takes and every choice he or she makes. It is important that we regularly examine our values based on what Jesus taught and practiced. These foundational values are important as they affect our personal decisions and moral choices. Christian values help us establish our priorities and result in spiritual grown as they draw us closer to God.
The simplest definition of values is: something that is important to me something which is important enough to find consistent expression in the choices I make or that which is translated into lifestyle and actions.
Christian values are something which are important to God. As Christians we want these two feelings and idea to match. These values deal with the basics of our relationship with other people, our family and our community.
The Federal government has identified values education as essential in the fight against drugs and crime. Business now recognizes that a responsible labor force requires workers who have character traits of honesty, dependability, pride in their work, and the capacity to cooperate with others.
As a result of these and other social practices parent and teacher, the family and the church provide an example of and an opportunity for involvement, interaction, and internalization of assuming community responsibility. Character is nurtured, taught by instruction, not indoctrination.
Life stages, identity groups, cultural trends, and socialization experiences are all forces that shape our children's values. We need to explore available resources for areas of application that will help build values and character from a moral perspective.
We must examine curriculum for teaching Christian ethics, multicultural and civic education. Preventative programs for drug and alcohol abuse need to be initiated. We need to provide a religious moral perspective with Biblical concepts to influence society with moral principles that will replace the emptiness of norms and ideals so common today.
As parents, Christian leaders, and educators we need to remember that our personal integrity determines our impact on the lives we are molding.

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